Event in Review: The Hunter's Lodge

I gave a 0 ,one of the worst events ever, not worth to waste my beauty sleep for it… with the scop kindness of 10 arrows and 40 feathers + 800 coins for arrows I spend, I was able to run the map 5 times and accumulate a total of 420 feathers only and of course no golden feathers. I only got the stupid paw and I was discouraged to buy anything else so I end up the event with 220 feathers and 6 extra arrows. And apparently no exchange for the left over that we work so hard.

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Horrible event. Used coins, tried all my best to get feathered arrows. In the end what soured it for me was:

  1. This was run after the seltzer event, and they straight up went for a 3 days holiday. During this time they probably forgot to swap out the seltzer offers for feathered arrow offers. Hence I couldn’t do a roadmap once, even if I wanted to spend.

  2. Out of the many times to run the roadmap for a chance at the golden quill, I only missed the run once. And still did not get the gun

  3. Would not have missed that one run if the gift was given earlier (ended up with 10 extra feathered arrows), but then again, with my poor luck, I doubt I’d get the gun

Had to settle for the bear paw (I was one of those who bought it after their initial announcement that it was one of their 40 bear paw tokens) and 2000+ of Samurai Michonne cards

I’d give it the event a 3, but that bear paw token announcement move made me give it a 1.

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