Event in Review: Summer Seltzer

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: [ETA] See @Rudi’s points below. How is this still a thing? Come on, Scopely.
  • Roadmaps: These were alright - all very straightforward. Nice to see some Old School action. Rewards were great
  • Missions: Everyone likes login gifts. There’s a lot of people unhappy with the low drops from the bags, but I think this was a strength of the event - it’s hard to get unlucky, you can only get lucky. Get 10 every time, and you can run the full map once, first stage twice, for 12 boxes which is pretty good for such a small event. Get one or more of the (seemingly very rare) 8 drops, you lose at most 2 boxes, get a 20 or 30 you gain maybe 2 extra boxes (the elusive 50 drop is of course a huge bonus, but not a lot of people got that). Having good rng can get you something extra, but there’s almost no reason to feel bad about it.
  • Store: I did not buy anything. Money offers seemed alright, there were no gold offers (understandable).

All in all, i thought this was a pretty good event - low effort for good rewards, and the small chance of getting a grood drop provifing a bit of excitement. I do feel the event was brought down by the lack of displayed odds, especially as the odds were so reasonable. There was absolutely no reason to feel bad about getting only 10s, but people did, because they built up the expectation that they should get them. Let people know what to expect, and there should be no issue. Why introduce feel-bad aspects into an event that otherwise avoids them so well?

Event: 6/10 Seltzer cans out of a bag: 10/50

I gave it a 2. Normally I’d agree that login gifts are great but the drop rates were ridiculous.

There should be some randomness to it. I got 10 in every single bag. Ruined any enjoyment or excitement for me.

If they were upfront and just gave us 10 a day for free and if you wanted more you had to buy them my score might have been a bit higher. I’d know what to expect. But there’s something really demoralising about getting a bag that seems basically rigged to give you a low set amount 99% of the time.

Then they follow it up with an event that’s exactly the same :unamused:


I’m having a hard time understanding this,

If they just straight up gave everyone 10 seltzers per day, no rng at all, would you say that event would have been better, worse, or the same?

Sorry, was editing my post to say a bit more when you replied.

I’d actually find that better because I’d 100% know what to expect instead of having the vain hope of getting something better.

But I’m clearly in a bad bucket because I never ever get lucky with anything “random”.


I gave it a 7 because 1000 Trader cards for doing nothing is a good deal for all


I sort of agree - predictability and fairness are nice,

On the other hand, some people like a bit of randomness and the chance to get lucky.

If there is some randomness, then wouldn’t it be best if that randomness was limited? Boosting the odds for the other outcomes would lead to much more randomness in the end result, with some people getting massively more than others, rather than a little more/less. increase the probabilty of the rare outcomes, and you increase the variance.

I just don’t like heavily weighting the odds towards one option. I think they could at least spread it out over a few.

I can’t remember what the quantities were for this but for example spread the majority percentage evenly over 8, 10, 12 and even 15 items with a much smaller chance to get 20 and a smaller again chance to get 50 or higher.

So the odds of getting the same damn thing every time is lower, but there’s still a chance for a few to get lucky.

I mean I know it’s a different event but it’s the same theme with these “random” bags, but it’s got to the stage where I was excited to get 2 arrows cos it was something different, even though 2 isn’t much more than 1. I’m really not as difficult to please as I might seem :joy:

It‘s so wrong you still sell those seltzer’s in the shop. Event ended yesterday. No idea why you so eagerly try to upset your customers. Just dumb…again


So 0 points from me

I think it was 8, 10, 20, 30, 50, with maybe a 40 as well.

They could have made it so that the probability for 10 was spread over 8, 10, 12 (newly introduced), then people would get various amounts but overall still the same on average. But I’m not convinced that would be better - now there’s a good chance people would get less than before - the number of people getting lots of 8s would be much higher.

I don’t think it is really the same theme - but more on this in the review for the current event (if I still feel that way next week).

[ETA] And @Rudi, you are completely correct and I should have mentioned that in the review.

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On every login :exploding_head:

The random bag? sorry my bad lowest predicted out come bags that shows up the rng to be weighed compounding the buckets theorys.

If every time i open rng it get the lowest out why would i buy theses types of gambling/rng based things. Ohh i need 20 stelzers then must buy 2 offers to get that amount because the chance bag will on have one stelzer in it. Like said else where and above by others it ruins the trick when you can see behind the curtain. Events since locked down ended have went back to gambling and secrets big step backwards.

Il give it 6 and half cant complain for at least getting to run the map once.

6 here. The plus being the 5* toons (can’t help myself, I take everything old school compared to a S18 grade) and that you did get to run the map once.

But the RNG bags with straight tens for me was a huge letdown and suspense killer…

Btw, arrows are very close to the same BS… got 2 from the first two bags and felt “cheated” - the silly me. Now I cherish the memory of having gotten two double arrows dear to my heart, since all five bags after that were straight singles. Yes, it’s aggravating the offense from seltzers and probably a reason I scored this low…

Btw, the offers are disgusting, I made a post about it, seeing noone else was disgusted ebough to make one…

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I just like random bags to actually be random 🤷 but maybe that’s just me.

Random is one thing, normalized (not the Princess skill, but a distribution of relatively equal spread) another.

While I would be OK with the best option to be the least likely, the disproportion shouldn’t be so high. Also, there should be no FU option in any bag…

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I gave 8/10 because even with the minimum amount of seltzer cans drop through the 7 days login were able to make you earn 1000 cards of great toons.

They did not sell the same kind of bag. You could only buy absolute amounts, plus a different kind of RNG bag that had non-seltzer items in it (and with labeled odds). Only the daily free bags did not have posted odds.

You do realise they are still on sale?

They’re different bags, they just look the same. (Or at least they used to be, the offer is not live in my account)

[ETA] in my previous post, I should have clarified that the bags also had non-seltzer items, I think it was trainers or similar. There were also seltzer cans as potential contents.