Event in Review: Smuggler's Road - The Second Cache

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Roadmaps: These were not particularly interesting, but not particularly expensive and not really annoying either. Nice to have something for 5* once in a while. Rewards were good.
  • Missions: I got busy on the last day and did not quite hit the final milestone, but I don’t really care that much tbh. Can always get more trainers.
  • Black market: If you did not spend, there was nothing particularly exciting here. Then again, if I can take some extra trainers, why not?
  • Store: I did not buy anything (neither money nor gold). Some of the cheap money offers did seem alright value, low spenders looking to invest a bit could probably get some nice things. Gold offers didn’t seem as convincing.

Overall, I liked this as a side event - a good chunk of older cards, a sprinkling of newer ones, and some resources.


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Yep, agree on all accounts and rated it 7 myself as being a bit challenging for 5* (grenade for those wo would struggle), yet cheap and simply a bonus to normal gameplay - didn’t take anything away and gave a bit of trainers if you bithered…

Would like to point out a glitch where the last (or penultimate?) roadmap didn’t appear on time and was delayed a couple hours, upsetting a good deal of folks thinking the event already ended…

I highlight the 5* restriction as the repeating of such maps/events promotes saving up good 5* teams for use in old school arena and the hordes and hopefully future events too (an old school war once in a while, anyone?).

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I gave it a 6.

Nothing really wrong with it but nothing great about it either. However it was a significant improvement on the first smugglers event.


I always seem to say the exact same score as you or at least one within what you rate it when you make these polls @DrJank. Thinking along the same lines on everything aside from the speed of Sclass card releases in events it seems.

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I can’t even remember this one haha. Trying to think what it was

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