Event in Review: Roadathon

IMO I think the biggest issue with the event was lack of SR Refills!
I liked that they added 5 SR refills to the Black Market for the event, that was a good move. But I think where they fell short on this was that it was only a one time deal.

I think in the future the refills should Refresh every 24hrs for the duration of the event. That would help make it more engaging and give ppl an opportunity to participate more and in the end get better prizes.

Another thing I’d like to see changed would be the scheduling. I think the events should be run consecutively one after another with at most an hour or so in between. Bc having those days off in between really screwed me from getting the prizes I truly wanted making me have to settle for something else.

I mean after all the event was called a Roadathon, basically a survival road marathon and last I checked you don’t get rest time in a marathon. Idt this shouldn’t have been any different. Another plus side to running them back to back would make it so they don’t have to run 72hr SR’s.

I’ll probably catch hate but IDC, far as the 72hr SR goes I loved it! I wish they were all 72hrs :laughing:
What’s not to like?
(1) You can finish using only natural NRG, there’s no need to dump a bunch of refills to finish.
(2) You get a ton of resources ie. food, wood, survivors, low level gear & trainers.
(3) You get a bunch of Player XP.
(4) If you finish early you have you have plenty of time stack points to place higher.

Sounds like a win, win to me :man_shrugging: :laughing:
All in all, I liked the premise and I think with the few refinements I mentioned, this could be an awesome event that I’d like to see run again. Giving it a 4½ out of 10

Still got those screenshots? I am 2 phones past that roadmap and want them back.

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I got you.

Expand for lots of images


Sorry, don’t had memory issues on my phone and cleared most old stuff… see @DrJank got you. Have kept to Weyland "Bollocks ones tho as they too good

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Make all Sr hard or nightmare or just 20 stages🤗

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I did get 700 Shiva cards and 2 6* toon boxes.

Just seemed like a couple of SR tourneys to which I got a sand in the wind amount of Trader cards :man_shrugging:

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Here’s my feedback. Stop selling offers for items for the event 8 hours the event has ended. It is nothing but a scam and an attempt to make money off something players can’t use


I enjoy having something to achieve in game. So SR gives me plenty to do. That they threw in Roadie Kyle and Elena was good too. Gave me a chance to get toons I wouldn’t otherwise. Or would taken me forever. Roadie is a red head too and she’s a fiery personality like me. So I was exited to get her. My only complaint is after I got them the first week and all the trader cards, it became too long and no gain.



Thanks for a good recap. I gave it a 5, because I also think that the SR has really become stale, but rewards were fine.

I am somewhat glad that Nightmare wasn’t included in the event, since that’s again just insanely buffed toons with no real challenge beyond surviving the high damage and yawn through 10min slugfest. I never completed Nightmare - the first time because I got my roster killed off somewhere before end of gold, afterwards because I couldn’t bear the sheer amount of time needed to get through a single stage…

Not sure why bronze features 6* toons, and Legendary features 3*. Not comprehending why increase in difficulty (in all game modes) is just artificially buffing up stats beyond what is achievable with gear/mods while keeping skills unlevelled, but the only thing warranting a Nightmare label is that it is nightmarishly boring…


I had fun with the 1 point per stage thing in my wave 3 region. It allowed for a different strategy. Was able to outsmart the resident bully that likes to win everything.

Purposely 1 starred one of the levels so he would not know how many points i still had up my sleeve. Ended up winning the hard mode by two points when i replayed that last level in the last seconds.


That is such a good move! Well played!

Yeah was pretty happy with it, I sneakily used 8 refills as I moved through the stages. He was left guessing as to how many he needed to use but almost guessed right lol

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