Event in Review: Roadathon

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: Nothing to report. [ETA: See the post by @Slyest below]
  • Communication: As usual, the information given in advance was quite good. Language like “It’s the race of races and speed is what counts!” is quite misleading though - speed mattered a tiny bit more than in regular SR event, but it was overall still irrelevant. The information provided was enough to figure this out.
  • Events: The three difficulties of SR events are Regular, Hard, and Nightmare. Where was Nightmare? Instead we got Easy mode, which is just ridiculous. Why would you itroduce a new tier of toons and then design a new event for 5* toons? This has no place in the game. Give us nightmare. Since its reintroduction, I think we only had it twice, and never as a solo. If you don’t want it in the regular rotation, at least for SR themed events like this. Hard mode is already way too easy with 6* only. I have two Sclass toons, none higher than T2L2, and it’s way too easy; I can’t imagine how painfully boring this must be for people with more. Bring back at least some fun and excitement to PvE play.
  • Black market: This was great, selection of new-ish cards available, good haul for completing with a reasonable placement. Various other resources as well. Weapon box was pay/gold/multiple wins only, but that’s fine. I like having useful 6* available in choice boxes like this, there’s still a couple I would have a good use for.
  • Store: The 150 coin offer was good, I wish it was available more often. Tires seemed way overpriced.

Overall, SR is in a bad shape I feel. Format is mostly stale, and instead of keeping up with the massive power boosts that the game had, you regress to 5* level? I like SR, and the content update made it more interesting, but this was almost a year ago and people actively playing SR have solved the stages a long time ago for difficulties harder than Hard mode, such as daily SR. Given the few event types the game has, you should not let the only real PvE mode stagnate, let alone regress like this. That said, overall I still have a favorable opinion, because the rewards were good (although slightly diminished by the Princess cards this week), and because, well, I like SR. Not as much as I liked it six months ago, and by far not as much as I liked it two years ago.



meh aside from taking all the lilliths, ulysses, and all the 6 stars in the boxes, im not that impressed tbh.

72 hours of sr should be banned under the geneva convention or something


Prizes decent. SR in general gives very decent payback when farmed. The fact that it was 1 point ment that upon completion we could just use the mass of gold tokens to complete Gold 20/25 instead of having to auto last Legendary stage so that saved much time.


SR is so damn boring. Plus if you weren’t finishing top 2 in your league then the trophy difference was so negligable that there was barely any point in using anything other than natural energy if you were concerned with promotion.

So 5/10


I get boned on hard survival road because my yellow and green are weak. So I got stuck on an elite map.

Took home 2 6*, roadie is a nice pickup.

Opted for 500 Shiva cards just because I want to be iconoclastic and a couple lilliths.

Overall alright. I didn’t use any cans so it was just me grinding throughout the week.

Would have been nice if survival markers were more abundant so I could have claimed a plat mod from the event.

I don’t know why this event has so low rating.

Got free 500 mateo cards and 800 trader cards. Just by doing 3 SR.

I would have loved a nightmare SR instead of hard, but still a good event.


Gave it a Big fat Zero, I hate Sr and don’t have any cans :-1:


Gave it a 5… “I am neutral I feel nothing”

It was easy enough to participate an easy (for me to complete) all the SRs with morethan enough time to spare and farm with gold tokens…

Again nice background event which got some decent enough prizes. So far picked up that falcon dude as seen how he can be useful.

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Rewards are okay but SR is boring and sucks. Let us not confuse good rewards with good event. I gave it 5 and two or three of those would be because I didn’t mind the rewards.

One reward of playing a game should be the fun inherent in playing it to garner those in game rewards. But that is absent.


I actually don’t mind SR so I quite enjoyed this event. Got some decent rewards from it too.

A 3 day SR is too long for anyone though and there’s always room for improvement so I gave it a 7.

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Why? last 24hours was easy token farm & 72K XP every 2hours on last stage of plat


Token farming is better than manually running maps, but still is not fun

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The feeling of obligation to log in every two hours or suffer in leagues is not a great experience. Feels more like a chore than game


It was way too exhausting to keep up even with the top50. Also it was absolutely pay2win.


Survival road always is. Cans aren’t that easy to come by ftp. Certainly not the amount needed to win.

I managed top 10 on the few cans I had saved but my region is kind of dead.

6 from me
Could have been better but far from the worst event they’ve done .
If there’d been the promised Nightmare one I’d have gone to a 7 , I auto-d everything so the occasional challenge would have been nice
I finally got Roadie & Kyle , outdated sure but both toons I’d wanted for a while which bumped it up above average :slight_smile:

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Did you not notice the last 2 SRs had technical scoring issues which lead to score resets and delays in prizes? That’s a big one to note imo

Good point, I forgot about that because I wasn’t personally affected. I’ll edit it in.

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When they add on extra rewards for playing the same 3 tired events over and over it does make them better so while there was nothing special about this event it wasn’t terrible at all either.

I am kind of tired of putting in effort for useless 6-stars no matter how rare or good they once were as they are pretty much all garbage now minus Doc and some of the commands.

I would like to see more ways to earn a decent amount of s-class cards, even if it’s for the earlier ones instead.

I didn’t really participate, did the easy and normal maps with what ever natural energy generation I had and only went hard at the hard stage, because I was worried about league placements, if cans were more f2p avaialable I would have done more, but they are not, so I didn’t.