Event in Review: July 4th

  • Technical: This event was substantially buggy, with missions not working or funtioning in unexpected ways. A step down from recent events, but it happens I guess. The compensation for the errors was absolutely adequate.
  • Communication: The event description was, as usual, quite good. There was quite a bit of confusion in my faction about the bugged missions. While people should read the blog announcements, when such errors happen an in-game inbox message would certainly be appropriate.
  • Missions:
    • Solo: These made little sense. I assume that this was supposed to be an easy event, but incentives to actually complete these were almost absent, when you could get everything by doing almost nothing (a full faction logging in daily would have almost been enough). I could get several sprinklers extra, but what’s the point? The last combined solo/faction short event, Savior whisky raid event, gave good motivation to complete as much of the solo stuff as possible. Even if they didn’t make them as good value as that event, some incentives would have been great. Just having a single Hat for completing all of them would have been a much better design (even if the technical issues would have screwed it up)
    • Faction: These were very easy, which is nice I guess, and makes it so that even small/casual factions can have a shot at completing them. Good to do this once in a while. The reward amounts were bizarre though, with 49 Hats available, which you can only use in multiples of ten. I didn’t check every offer every day, but didn’t see a way to get the single hat, only other multiples of ten which of course don’t solve the problem. So getting that last faction milestones does little but give you nine extra pulls on the wheel, which has about as much value as pulls on the basic token wheel.
  • Rewards:
    • Wheel: This was (as I predicted) highly mediocre. Not bad, as you got a decent amount of pulls, giving some XP fodder and extra 5*/ascendables (I got dupe G2 Rick and Green Hershel, plus a red Magna I didn’t have as a 5* for potential Arena use, or realistically just collection I guess) . OK as a bonus reward, but 50 pulls from that is not much different from a few more pulls on the basic reward wheel.
    • Black Market: Four options for cards (three of them relatively new and not yet widely available), or Plat mods. Very welcome and absolutely appropriate for the effort; although the missing Hat is annoying. If you wanted those cards and had unused coins, the Hat offer wasn’t too shabby, 500 coins for 130/100 cards with a decent chance of getting double or more is an absolutely ok deal.
    • Museum: The American Fl@g part is just tacked on and has no integration at all with the event itself. It’s not really a paid part of the event, it’s an unrelated bonus for buying offers. Yet it was officially listed as part of the event, while the freedom offers were not (which give 10 Burts for free if you login every day, absolutely fine little gift). I have one more question: why are these in the museum? You need one currency for either of them (American Flags and Apple Pies), which gets consumed as you claim things. That’s almost the definition of something that should be in the Black Market!
    • Free Slater is not officially part of the event, but greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scopely!

What is the point of a weekly event? If it’s just handing out free stuff, this was an ok event. If it’s giving player something mildly interesting to do that’s different from the everyday grind, this was a failure - complete boredom.

Overall: 4/10, please revise before running a similar event again.


Agree… the flags not being related to sparkles or other tie ins with the event, the pies (what do they have in common with freedom???) and a missing narrative was signaling that the “event” was just a series of hodge-podge ideas that weren’t truly put together coherently…

Agree with the summary - as in nice to hand out some things for little effort on the player’s part (and Slater was a superb gift) so would rate 8/10. Entertainment value 2/10… so averaged out (for me) at 5/10 - a bit better than your score, but not really all that different :wink:

Mom and pie are long time symbols of American goodness/wholesomeness. There’s an old phrase that’s still occasionally used when one wants to state that something is very American and wholesome. You would say, X “is as American as motherhood and apple pie.” Example: Baseball is as American as motherhood and apple pie.

I would have come to the same conclusions but rated it higher based on the current event situation in the game. Alongside it we have the battlepass, Flush and normal calendar events so it didn’t need to be particularly interesting at the moment. The prizes were very decent for the grind and middling for the spend.

I agree that the flag/pies should have been related somehow, but I’m happy with all the Trader cards I got and the Plat mods.

Oh and I hope it was intentionally trying to be a Parody of the US… otherwise it went waaaaay too far.

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My biggest gripe about this event is the… 9 hats that we are not able to use.

The flags are really an excuse for whales to spend money.

6/10 for me, passable. Free stuff is good and a chance to get some more trader cards.


Definitely loses brownie points for leaving us with 9 hats. Very poor design.

Having the solo missions give you so many more sparklers than needed for the faction mission was an odd choice for Scopely, but at least I didn’t have to worry about trying to find enough 4* tokens.

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I like this part, some faction missions are very challenging for smaller and/or casual factions, so it’s good to see a it of variation here - have some faction missions so that everyone can hit them, and others so that you need a full team working hard.

I just wish that putting in some extra effort was not a complete waste. Having the sparklers do something themselves would have helped quite a bit, I think.


Yeah, exchanging the sparkles for 1 hat was a truly missed opportunity…

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Flags/pies/hats event actually wasn’t to good for me personally.
All the fighting for the correct pies, the mission mishaps, being shy 1 hat for another exchange. These negative things just really over shadow anything good.
3/10- just barely

I don’t get these event’s lately with having to require an odd amount of things to complete them. It’s just totally ludicrous. Does Jar Jar Binks work there or something?

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