Event in Review: House of Cards

  • Technical: I can’t remember any noteworthy issues.
  • Communication: The early descriptions were informative enough - the event was very complex and took a while to figure out, but it was possible with the information given. It’s always annoying when things change, as it did here with the exchange options, but the changes were much for the better, announced clearly, and happened early enough in the event, so everything OK here.
  • Events: While I hope that this does not happen too often, I enjoyed having some event stuff in rank rewards - it gave clear bonus motivation to push for a top spot, and made event strategy and planning important. Milestones were disappointing though - far, far too many Kings were awarded; even after exchanging everything in the Black Market and six flushes, I ended up with 438 Kings that I could do nothing with (and I even skipped some). A good part of the milestones for many events were essentially empty.
  • Roadmaps: Twice per day seems to be a good frequency for events of this type; every 8 hours can be a bit stressful and makes it easy to miss some. Having the cards roadmap run more often was a great choice, as was being able to run either Jacks or Queens individually to balance for random drops. Not a huge fan of these, for what it’s worth, but I didn’t mind them - getting the occasional extra Jacks or Queens certainly helped, but you could get a lot even if you weren’t lucky. I did not have to farm the Cards map for extra drops though, if you had to I can see this being very annoying and a giant can sink. Also, why is the map that give you decks called “Cards” and the one that gives you cards called “Deck”? This makes no sense and is just pointless obfuscation. (At least the Decks map costs decks to run, but the cards map doesn’t require cards… and with this naming scheme, almost every map should be called “World Energy”.
  • Museum: Here you could only exchange cards to flushes (plus the event toon ofc). I ended up with enough for six exchanges, which I was quite happy with, a bit more than I expected at the beginning.It was very discrete though, 50 of each or bust - a more gradient scheme might have motivated some extra pushing/farming. Event toon was very accessible, which is good, and seems decent enough on paper.
  • Shop: I don’t remember any offer for coins or cash I thought were worth it related to this event, though the bag of decks was amusing and I can see it being an ok investment if you need just a little more
  • Event wheel: Epic gear, which is about the most common gear not dropping on world map stages. Never a bad thing to have though.
  • Black market
    • Flushes: Overall this was very good. Accessible toon, lots of older shards, random useful stuff, and the big box (which I didn’t expect to be F2P but in the end was possible with heavy grinding if you were willing to skip the toon). Having the big box be more granular would be better though
    • Deck: Aces in exchange for Kings, Jacks, Queens was useful. Tens to Kings conversion is only marginally useful, but it was good that it was there
    • Cards: Complete bust IMO. Why the ridiculously low rate of maximum trade-ins for Kings? Why could Aces only be traded in chunks of 50 - grabbing another flush would be much better if you have that many. Exchange rate for Tens was a joke - 200 Tens for a piece of epic gear? Sure, they’re farmable, but at that rate farming makes no sense at all for such common gear.

All in all, I liked the event, but the ridiculous amount of Kings that had zero use was a major detraction. I’m ok with events handing out more than necessary, even if the additional items are useless, but there is a limit to this - a week’s worth or more is just too much. Maybe I shouldn’t be so annoyed by this, as I got a lot of stuff out of this event and enjoyed the strategizing, but I am. 7/10

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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change kings to tokens and get equipment

All Kings are already exchanged for tokens unfortunately.

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Rewards were really good, if this was another event with some rewards that doesn’t worth it i’d be sad with the amount of cans i burnt and effort i spent but at least it was somehow worth it this time. Although the drop rates were awful and i ended up with 3x more jacks than queens and it’s really annoying ahahah


was a good event over all… you can get lilly with little effort and/or put lot of effort to get other items. Had something for everyone. Some drop rates needed major modifications. Hopefully for future similar events, J and Q could drop rarely from raids as well…

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Thanks for the review, @DrJank!
Well put, agree almost 100% with all points. Two that I agree 200% with, actually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, true. This set up made almost no sense with the black market flush exchanges… if you could claim flushes by 1 or by 5, then you could get a lot more rewards/options and the overall event score might jump to 9/10!

Indeed, if these would have been just side drops (like the rubik’s cubes now dropping in missions, instead of milestones), you could write it off as leeway and the extras wouldn’t bother anyone. But since they effectively “stole” all the trainers and other important rewards from the regular milestone payouts, this kind of extra is inexcusable and actually detracts from the overall score.

Overall I liked the House of Cards evend and would like to see more of that (in spirit/preparation/execution) especially if they could take the feedback above to make it more player-friendly. As is, my final score is 6.5/10


I’d like it if events could be more than just grinding roadmaps. Otherwise, not bad. Lilly is a great free toon. Excess kings for sure could have had a bit more to use them on.

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No bullshit, I stopped doing all of them. It’s too many, too complicated and just lost steam.

Ironically, the rubix cubes seem extremely deep, as it’s very unlikely that many people will end up with lots of extras with two large stashes.

I don’t mind it when they put event stuff in tournament milestones. I don’t mind it if there’s a little extra. I do mind it if there is a lot extra as it punishes people for playing the tournaments. In this case, they could have left the Kings out of the top 3 milestones and the whole thing would not have been so unbalanced. Or, as I said, allow a lot more exchanges for Kings - Epic gear isn’t anything special, but at least it’s not nothing.

Well, I do mind the event items in milestones a lot, since it takes away the choice of participating in an event or not.

If something is extra and you think it’s not worth your effort, you can pass… but if it replaces the regular rewards (5 Bennies for 2.1M milestone, for example) and you don’t like the event you suddenly pull the short end of the rope.

The Willie event seems to be the first that really addresses this issue. As a heavy grinder, I am sure to get S-class Willie, but expect to do very little pulling on the stash, as I am not SC, neither planning to buy any of those offers. But it is completely fine with me as is… all about the choice!


With the point regarding excessive Kings…

  • I do appreciate that they eventually added in other ways to exchanges those kings.
  • The extra kings meant that I didn’t have to waste Level Up resources to always hit 3MM milestone
  • If they were to rework the Kings, I would still want them to NOT make hitting 3MM a necessary requirement in order to achieve getting Lily. It should be portioned out in a way that it allows you to get Lilly faster or gives enough extra kings for other exchanges.

I really enjoyed the prize system with exchanges on black market when you got exactly WHAT YOU WANT instead of a stash system when you are forced to get unwanted rewards, not to mention the variety of itens like a brand new toon Lilly, S shards (from old and new fighters), gear (a large amount) so many Basil and the gear wheel.

Just take the current Willie’s event example, I really hate the fact I will get strong gear only when I need stuff for tough and fast, not to mention one option of cards from Clementine only. At least, Doctor Stevens stash we had cards from Rosita, Minerva and Davie.


Hitting 3m every time has not been necessary for any event toon in the last six months or so, and rarely before that. It always just helped you get extra bonus stuff - card box during the M&R event, extra gear boxes. etc during Aaron event, extra stash pulls during Dr. Stevens. In the Willie event, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit toward the event for getting 2.1m more than once per week. I don’t think this is an immediate danger.

Topic: I tought it might be interesting to see a poll and have added one to the post.

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Overall this was probably one of my favorite events ever.
I spent a little, about $35 on the less expensive offers. 3k coins on bag of deck bags.
And I did a lot of grinding.
Ended up with Lily, crate box to get S class Rick, 150 Basil, and about 150 pulls on the gear wheel.

I do think the Jacks/Queens couldn’t have dropped better on the map that required free energy.

The main event toon Lily could be earned by F2p that really wanted her.

It doesn’t rank better then Pathways but it gets very close.


I enjoyed this event. For me the only negative was the black market trade-ins.

I was left with 25 Aces so it would have been nice to be able to trade them in for something but you could only trade 50, which as mentioned in the recap is odd because you’d just push to get a flush if you had 50 Aces.

There were way too many kings on offer with no use for them. I appreciate that they added a new trade-in mid event but I was still left with about 300 at the end. It would have been simple to make the stock limit of epic tokens higher. That way people wouldn’t feel forced to hit higher milestones but it still would give others a use for the extra cards.

Towards the end the slow rate of getting jacks and queens was a bit frustrating. It would have been nice to have alternative ways to get them, either through coin bags or trade in for other cards.

Overall it was a good event but Scopely just doesn’t get the balance right sometimes.

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Fun quotient 0
Reward for effort/resources expended 8

Let whoever designed the pancake event do more thanks


Solid 8 for me gave out a good toon that didn’t need any crap 6*’s to waste gear on

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Liked the event. Got Lily and an extra 2 royal flushes strictly f2p.

Only real feedback was that the initial Rick to aces exchange should have been available from the start. I recall chatter on the forums about folks prematurely exchanging extra Ricks and being disappointed when the exchange opened.


Only gave it a 2, enjoyed it, rewards were good, just didn’t like how uneven the card dish out was done