Event in Review: Fifth Anniverary

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: I don’t remember anything noteworthy, except sme minor issues at the beginning of the event maybe
  • Communication: As always detailed enough.
  • Missions: Weekly missions were relatively easy, but did give ussomething to do. No complaints. Cake mission should have stayed up until the end of the event - if you’re still selling banners, people should get to fully use them.
  • Black market: Toon seems great, should have been in the museum though. Cake amounts were weird, I ended up with 35 cakes and no way to get the five missing ones. Give us some way to burn off te excess stuff, even for low value.
  • Store: Gold offers seemed bad (unless you were very close to hitting the next cake layer maybe). Free gifts are always welcome. Kal should have been in a box.P2P side events were a bit confusing - balloons, wine bottles etc., could have been streamlined.
  • Stash: I dont mind having a few things unused at the end of the event (and the poker cards were much worse) but here I don’t quite understand why the stash/tokens were limited. F2P rabbing everything would ave been, what, 15 extra pulls or so? Even spenders would not have gone far over the amount neeed for max cake, which was not close to finishing a third time. Could have just let us do it.

Good toon that seemed accessible (I hope people who can’t level up that much could get him), Bonus cards and lots of gifts - a worthy anniverary event. Though compared to the disgrace that was last year’s, everything is going to seem good I guess.

Event itself: 8/10 Kals in a box: 0/1


I also gave it an 8.

Kenny is a decent ftp toon, got some cards with leftover cakes, mostly decent login rewards, the stash was good. Any event where you can get that amount of stuff just for regular gameplay is nice.

Might have been a 9 except for 2 things:

  1. the Anniversary box/Kal bait and switch. Kept us waiting for the mystery box to find it’s actually a :poop: toon that’s not even in a box.

This. AGAIN. This is like the 4th time now that they’ve left us just short of being able to spend all our items. Why can’t they just calculate it so that all can be used on something? It can’t be that difficult surely. Would it really have killed them to give us an extra 5 so we could actually use them? It’s so annoying.

Very minor issue that annoyed some people was the stash not resetting a 3rd time. Yes it would have been nice if it was just constantly recurring so we could use the banners we were still accumulating, but wasn’t enough of an issue to mark it down for me.


Kenny good. Cards good. Kal bad.


I gave it a 7. Somehow I don’t see what made this an “event” except from Scopely labelling it as such. Events should be tied together with story roadmaps… This was simply a month full of collecting rewards, which itself would be great if it didin’t somehow leave such a bad taste in your mouth…

Stashes were Okay, Kenny great, choice of cards acceptable, login rewards appreciated, but day 27 was a huge letdown - would it really kill Scopely to make a choice box? Even simply the same as the gold bar toons choicebox, allowing long term players to get all 5 of them and older players to get one more?


I got enough cakes for taking all Jacki cards and even some Rosita cards without buying gold/money offers, only doing missions, milestones.
Finished both stashes and enjoyed all the prizes specially cans.
Kenny = totally game changer, I never have seen my attack team so powerful, Priya rampage are destroying double Trader so easy.
Daily login gifts: free stuff so I can’t complain.

Very great event, 8/10

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I enjoyed it and gave it a high rating.
I’m giving Scopely credit that this anniversary event (especially compared to last year’s) gave plenty of leeway for everyone to grab a useful S Class like Kenny.
The aforementioned problems with the stash and box were negatives, but the positives like a large array of extra cards and gear outweigh the bad.

Gave it a 6… undeniably better than last year but anything would have been… plenty of gifts and stuff to enjoy.

Kenny get a thumbs up… good toon.

Aspects not so great the collect this to trade for that… needlessly fiddly. Weird time refreshes stuff popping up in different tabs…

The whole thing was a little too geared to encourage spending not so much an anniversary event rewarding players for loyal dedication playing and continued spending but try get more money outta folk. Just once be nice if did an event that felt like actually rewarding players. I don’t expect Every thing for nothing know they need to earn and make money but for once genuinely reward everyone and showsome gratitude. Happy players continue to play and continue to pay.

5 years is an exceptional period of time for any relationship let alone one with a mobile phone game…


8/10 for me was a really good event. Especially if you compare it to what we had last year :sweat_smile:

7 here. Good s class toon, good amount and variety of s class cards. Some decent stuff you were able to get. Only bad I see(besides Kal hype) is the lack of an event feel. Events should be farmable. Not capped with just stones and missions. Let us farm(like we did arrows, cigars etc). But I maybe in the minority as far as that pov goes. Overall very solid. Can we plz get a pathways 2.0? Haha

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8 here. Reqards were good overall. As others have said kenny is awesome.

Felt it was a little unengaging overall but I guess the grass is always greener. Everything was met with general play for the most part. Suppose its about balance. It would probably be hard for new players to end up with kenny.

Waaaaayyy better than the last couple anniversary events.

Gave it a 10

  • Easily achievable free to play Toon which did not require the completion of all milestones to earn Kenny. Plus Kenny is amazing for those struggling on attack.

  • Being able to complete the Stash a 2nd time was very useful for those that put in the extra effort for banner/tokens. The Stash has very useful items for level up.

  • Cakes offered another avenue for collect more S-Class cards

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Gave it a 7.

Much better than the bs anniversary event last year.

Would have been much better if day 27 was a 1k shard choice box. For the fools like me that keep playing this game would have been a better thank you than a yellow kal.

stash was okay and avatar thing was meh.

I gave it an 8

Kenny was good.

Stash was good and tokens came at a good pace.

But the cakes were weird. It felt like it took too long to hit each new milestone, and certainly to get upto Kenny it felt like you were getting meagre amounts each time you did. Ended up with 25 left over. Cake collecting felt a tad underwhelming and disjointed, so it goes down 2 marks

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Do I even need to explain why?


time to get He’s pet Brutus now.


idc about kenny and the stash was kinda ■■■■■■ suck ass

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Kenny takes up space in my team :pensive:

The real crime

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So you’re the new hate on everything. That explains alot.

Understand you not I don’t