Event in Review: Curious Conundrum

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: I don’t remember anything noteworthy here
  • Communication: Event info was good as usual. I have some complaints about the calendars: if a tournament is marked with the event symbols, it should tie into the event. One of the early SR events and the current levelup were marked as belonging to this event, but did not have anything to do with it (unlike war and onslaught, which had no connection to the event either, but also no Curious Conundrum markings). Some consistency here would be appreciated.
  • Roadmaps: The roadmaps were not interesting in any way, but you had a whole week to do them (with the exception of the last act, which you could only complete on the last day. Nothing special, but a nice and resource-saving way of doing a roadmap like this.
  • Store and Offers: Gold offers seemed to expensive (although I got one as I was 50 cubes short). Offers (except the free one) seemed to expensive as well, but I did not pay attention to this at all, so I might be wrong. Bonus cubes for SC members is a nice bonus for people still subscribed.
  • Missions: Having almost everything in the event happen through bonus missions was obviously very kind to players as they still get the extra cards from the levelup milestones, and some extra resources. I don’t want every event to be like this, but having this mechanic in the rotation is definitely very welcome. Some creativity in the missions would be nice, in this iteration it was just additional milestones.
  • Musuem: Here we only had the toon. I greatly enjoyed this design and am somewhat tempted to claim him.Probably not the strongest or most competitive, but should prove useful for some players.
  • Stash: The stash contained lots of welcome extra resources. I dislike stashes with such unbalanced odds; 64 pulls did not get me a single Clem card. (Maybe it’s ok for a stash with some obviously marked chase pull, like the Sheila stash in December). I don’t mind it so much as I got some useful stuff, but it feels bad, like you’re being cheated.

This is an event that was hard to rate, as it was effectively a strict bonus and did not take space away from anything else. As such it was maybe not quite optimal, but it’s hard to argue with pure bonus value



Think it was a decent low effort thing. Do normal things and get stuff. The stash and Willie both had their merits for me so it was kinda tough choosing. Can’t knock it

Very solid event. I finished the entire stash (the first one only) using itens from events and missions only, don’t bought a single offer from gold store or using money. Very different from House of Cards when I used tons of gold to complete royal flush. Willie is terrible, so I only got his regular version only for collection.
The only thing I don’t liked was the prizes structure. Okay, trainers, food and gear are hell nice, but getting the prizes we really want is way better than having RNG based like stash and wheel.

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It was a pretty good event, taking into account how poor and disappointing the last events were, it could even live up to the very event of the fifth anniversary, my grade would be 9/10, I was able to get the Willie S class and get more over 50% of the stash making a medium-high effort, I like it, I approve :+1: :grin:


I liked this event and gave it good reviews in the survey. Being able to have bonus missions in addition to the roadmaps were extremely helpful. Willie was attainable and allowed for players to get the stash. I was happy with the stash cause of the amount of trainers and food bags.

I scored it high cause it was a good event. 9/10

I rated it at 8/10 as this was a very good “event” that I would like to see more of.

The narrative was silly, even downright dumb… I guess Willie is Scopely’s own toon, so giving him absolutely no backstory, no special roadmap or anything beyond “he thinks rubik’s cubes are equal to intelligence, why? Don’t ask, just go with it” is a major miss here. If this had been done better, I’d rate 9/10.

Other than that, I absolutely love the fact that no milestones were harmed in making of this event (I am firmly opposed to event items in milestones since Aaron), because if you choose not to participate, you’re not missing out on anything from your regular game experience. As with previous events, choice of toon or stash is great and I managed to progress 2/3 into the first stash after completing Willie.

Willie himself is a great F2P toon that can help bring down some very tanky opponents and his trauma trigger can see some great uses. No, he will not help anyone competitively, but will definitely help weaker players to tackle some of the S16 roadmaps and will certainly help out in many a SR (green lock) stage

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I gave it a pretty high rating. Willie was good, I got maybe 60 pulls on the skull wheel and it had pretty useful rewards.

I bought the missions were reasonable and cubes were plentiful enough that some lower level players were able to finish willie and get some gear.


Not being in milestones was great. Decent toon. Great stash.
If I’d known what was in the 2nd stash before the last day I wouldn’t have gone for Willie tbf.


What was in the second stash? I thought it just reset the first one

The event was fine, quite do able, and essentailly it gave you a choice of getting S Class Willie or going for Clem cards, which is fine, I was happy with the stash.

But as @YSpammer points out the story was weak, to the point of being non-existant, what is shows is a lack of understanding on the part of the dev’s of the base source material.

Maybe Willie could have been a forklift driver in a warehouse when the outbreak happens, and he gets cornered by a bunch of his Walkerfied work mates, so he cracks open a storage create looking for a weapon - the create he opens happens to be full of Rubiks cubes, and he uses them to put down the walkers. Or maybe he owns a toy shop that gets over run with Walker Kids, and he uses the cubes on them, or he builds a wall of Rubiks cubes and hides behind it ???

It’s not that hard to make a story.

Yea, but you know what? Don’t ask, just go with it…

Btw, same idiotic approach is done to Kenny’s banners…

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Scopely, you need to hire Vitalogy as a writer immediately.


Trainers (Benedict and Basil only large amount), epic gear, large amount of food bags, S class choice boxes with premium melee fighters cards (Clem, AJ, Eugene, Mateo, Louis)

Pretty decent event
If I had known how good the second stash was I would have skipped Willie, still able to get several platinum mods, 6x S class crates, which had 500 of the clem cards and many other newer cards, 80 benny, 40 basil, ton of gear.

Maybe the best stash I’ve done so far.

Liked that the cubes werent in milestone rewards but in missions.

Overall very good side event

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Waste of time event, rewards r so poor comparing to the time u will put on, Willie is so useless and not meta relevant like all the free toons being released, he does no control and only heal himself

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