Event in Review: Commonwealth Memories

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Roadmaps: These were modrately entertaining - the final stage was moderately challenging due to high-stat special effects walkers followed by humans and nightmare restrictions. If you made a mistake, it was not very costly, as a little gold would give you plenty of retries. I like this combo
  • Store: Complaints that this event was spender-only are certainly warranted, but on the positive side it was very cheap - $3 per person on avg would easily get you there.

I don’t have a lot to say about this one. When it was announced, I though this was one of the worst events ever. After playing it, I felt a bit better about. Having someone generous invest a couple of bucks definitely helps. Mid- to low-level spender event, big spnders stood little to gain from this except some trainers (which they could get for peauts) and maybe anniversary banners. Cards were old, but some where duplicates are not without value.

Full FTP: 0/10 Big spender 1/10 Generous faction mates: 5/10

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Terrible event, some of my faction members bought them and I was very appreciative, then I found out I was to weak to complete any of the roadmaps, Pointless for me personally :pensive:


I did the trainer map right at the start and forgot the rest of the event ( cant really call it an event) existed

I got the last 4k Aarav cards an 3k Raulito cards i needed so yeah, it worked for me

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It was ok for me. Completed Laopo collection and got a 2nd Priya out of it. Plus all the trainers.
It was aimed only for p2p which for a large percentage of the player base isn’t a good thing.

The six star crate was great for f2p

If some of your faction mates spend, F2P could have gotten a free s-class. I think difficulty of the roadmaps was overblown by some players; I just auto through all of it.


Wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Lots of folks here chipped in money so we all got to finish off old toons or get 2nd Priyas etc.

But too many grindy maps. And there needed to be some tickets for free. Can’t see how a few free tickets a day would do anything other than encourage people to invest a bit

Myself bought few 89p ones to make up numbers and few on my faction bought 5 encylopedia offers… did trainer map stopped shy of getting the toon don’t want any as have em all and got the boxes for 2 5* eith change… either gonna use for 2nd prya or 2nd Arrav.

As event itself bit strange given p2p an seemingly put people under strain to spend which is not cool really - yes we all have choices- yes no-one held gun to head BUUUUT can’t deny they if was 1 encylopedia shy it kinda of made buying one neccessary.

Find this tactic underhand an morally irresponsible.

I knew what was doing I chose to spend a little and chose when to stop…


The roadmaps were good, not too difficult considering the top was supposedly s18, with decent rewards. After the initial disappointment about the S-Class on offer I actually saw the value in an opportunity to get older S-Class cards that I no longer prioritise if given other choices.

Minor complaint that the 6*s in the crate were underwhelming. Almost all have been given out for free on multiple occasions. In particular Zander is in the battle pass and Mia was in the last one so the choices were a little strange considering there is such a large amount of 6 stars they could have chosen. But this week has shown us how incapable they are of making decisions like this!

My main issue is the paid element. Although initially I was concerned about people feeling pressured to spend that quickly went out the window when one single faction mate basically paid for the whole faction within the first 5 minutes of the event. This then switched to feeling a bit uncomfortable about getting rewards I had neither earned nor paid for.
As much as I appreciate the rewards I would rather they didn’t do an event like this again. Faction events should be grindable.


Gave it a 5, the things that brought it down were the time needed to actually complete the roadmaps and that it was a 100% pay2play feature which I really don’t like.

It did however fill a void/long term request in a roundabout way where players could purchase power for f2p faction mates (a sort of trade system). I think it still needs to have a balance between f2p and p2p even in these cases.


Wayland is pretty good though; Payback 6* can still be useful against fast-rushing defenses, on Onslaught etc.

Not gonna lie, but I’m happy with the double 5* versions of Priya to use on old school arena. Got enough to complete the second S class Aarav.

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Yeah he’s not bad. But he’s another one who has been given out a lot recently. Obviously he’s good for anyone who didn’t already have 4 of him though!

I mean I’m a litle biased I guess…

It was great if you were able to even beat the 1st act

The one for the six star character crate? It wasn’t that hard. I autoed it lol

I gave it a 2/10. The fact that this “faction” event was p2p was a major issue for me. Faction events are for everyone to contribute. Players get booted for lack of participation and now with this event players didn’t have to do anything. My faction took a few days before someone bought a page. No one wanted to address the elephant in the room.

The roadmaps were doable and the payout was good but that takes a backside to the p2p element of the event. Sorry, I can’t let that go.

I fall into the “I got it for free, since my fac mates bought the offers” category and got all tickets from the milestones, so can’t comment from a pure F2P faction’s viewpoint, but for my category, the rewards were really nice. Will get me that Laopo I always wanted (for some defensive tinkering), but never selected in the choiceboxes as a more atk benefitting toon was available… Also, got plenty of trainers and also earned quite some toon XP, since I ran the maps with Pam lead… Player XP could also be earned in quite a high amount (like 1-2 player levels, depending on territory boosts).

Brings me to the difficulty - understand that people could have struggled, especially on the final stages of each act, but for me, Pam lead (i.e. no real fight boost except her 15/35) was viable thanks to a T4L120 Frost and a T1 Kenny who ensured survivability of the team, even against the hard lineups. Challenging, but beatable and yet - as @Moog piinted out, way too grindy.
Even with full 7 days, completing the maps took a lot of effort, especially if you couldn’t run auto (I myself could, except the finals to avoid rushes/actives against walkers that could lead to your team dying). I completed the harder maps, but timed out on the easy at 8-6, so didn’t get the 6* box (no biggie, have all toons, some in dupes).

If your faction got all pages, you had enough tickets to fail multiple times and still complete everything - sufficient to learn which stages you can breeze through despite high rating and which you had to really focus on with a balanced crit team capable of bringing down an S-class team (controlling actives not wasted in the first 4 walker stages was the key). All you needed was generous sponsors, or a little spending, but what you needed most was too much time on your hands…

An event should be a bit more than just some offers and roadmaps (looong, tedious ones). Especially if the roadmaps lacked any coherence, or semblance of a story. And with the blog blunder (initially suggesting the first milestone should have been 1 page, later updated to 5, besides posting to watch out for free ticket offers that never appeared), I can’t rate it better than 6. Can fully understand if lower level players or pure F2P (or smaller) factions would rate it much lower.

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Hated this event… but not because of game play!
Its one thing to spend money on yourself (if you have it) but then to corner you in your faction and put pressure on you to contribute is outrageous and should not have happened.
I have already informed my faction that if something like this comes up again I will not be contribute nor take part.
Faction agrees and they will not take part either.