Event in Review: Battle Pass

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: I don’t remember any major issues, some minor irregularities at the beginning, esp the levelup mission in week 2 that were resolved. (Also, did anyone let the rewards go to their inbox and notice something weird?)
  • Communication: Advance information was informative, as usual
  • Missions: The weekly missions were moderately fun and somewhat varied. Battle pass rewards were good on the free side, and amazing if you bought the pass (at a very reasonable price point). Daily missions, same as usual.
  • Black market: Good selection of things to buy. Cheap to fill out some older toons, or get a boost for newer ones. My main point of criticism is the presence of discounted ascendables - before the battle pass, I would grab the ascendables in the museum as I got the cards; I haven’t done that at all since then, as there’s a chance a toon could be included in a future battle pass and I would miss out on substantial value. I don’t think this is a benefit overall. The Ultra Rare Gear box seemed a bit too expensive (as did the trainers).

I was not sure whether to make this post, as the battle pass is not an event in the traditional sense. But if we count it as one, it was very decent for free, and quite possibly the best paid offer in the history of the game (that was intended this way, at least).



F2P should be able to buy at least 1k rick cards


Even ftp gave a good amount of decent rewards just for doing normal day to day gameplay. The key was well priced and excellent value for money for those who did want to spend.

I really enjoyed the battle pass and hope it’s something they continue. Even when they give ftp a fair amount of rewards for the effort required some people always want more.


As a f2p I collected all the free prizes and I’m satisfied with that, since the best part was reserved to premium of course and I can deal with it. Finished with 2k BP coins and got all Brady’s since I already have Rosita, Raulito and Guo. Solid stuff, easy missions, don’t cost me nothing but some little effort to finish them.


I was very disappointed I didnt get any skins.



Agree :100: . Sure we got a few good things along the way for free but not being able to get anything decent from the black market besides some trainers or low level gear is BS.


Bit more for f2p would be good.

Key value was really decent by the Scopely yardstick. About time the light spenders got catered to tbh.


Yeah while true it’s still overpriced when compared to what others charge for their battle pass but I refuse to ever give them another dime after the last $20 spend on the gate that they not only removed but then refused to re-fun-d.

The moral of the story here scipley is you would have made another $20 and possibly more from me each season if you kept the value up but most importantly if you didn’t burn me on my last purchase.


Did anyone else get double rewards from missions sent to their inbox?

Great going for the whole thing tbf. I think Scopely purposefully set up a trap for the less aware with there being 2 possible keys when only 1 was ever needed. The only reason to sell 2 keys is to make the unaware/drunk/accidental purchases get more money for the company at the players expense despite it not benefitting the player at all (I didn’t do this personally btw). I think that was a total dirtbag move and it reduced my score for the event from a perfect 10 to an 8, because, aside from that there were no negatives imo.
If a player buys a key, the 2nd key offer should automatically disappear rather than pop up multiple times as an advert every single day.

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dint pay much attention to it I just did everyday things and got rewards so I guess it was decent.

I spent the $20 on the pass on several regions that’s how good it is

True, not really an event, but if you contemplate what an “event” is, almost nothing really is one. So, hereby I declare that a long stream of missions can be considered an event. The missions were varied, engaging, achievable and nudged me outside of my rutted gameplay patterns to a smaller degree, so I would say they have been fun - in a sense (not immediate, like laughing on a joke upon hearing a punchline, but rather like enjoying a thoughtful conversation)

Having a leeway of 2k+ (more than 10%) for the tokens was definitely a welcome design choice. I also found the basic tier rewards to be amazing and decided to buy the key once I completed the tier30 for a second helping of rewards galore, on top of the 4k Rick cards I would otherwise not gotten…
The price (single key offer) was one of the best value offers in all history, though the fact that there were two key offers that didn’t cancel the other one upon purchase was a bit of a catch. I wouldn’t detract from the perfect score of 10/10 tho…

I want the BP to return next week!


The only issue is that those who paid for battle pass coins (or points, or whatever they’re called, the ones you need to unlock prizes) or who grinded a lot to get all the rewards, saw how those “extra” battle pass coins (or whatever) where useless after completing the mission rewards. Having the chance to convert them for the battle pass points (or coins or whatever) that you used on the black market would have been nice, specially since there were no carry overs to next season.

Also, toons on Battle pass could have been better (Guo and Raulito are too old, and Rosita (which I get thanks to BP) is not so good…

I thought the same way up until today, after facing a team with a Rosita in Onslaught… Killed the entire team around her and she timed me out… Please note that I’m using Rampage Pryia and Rampage Princess but also an attack modded Mercer! She had a defense mod set, with HP, defense, defense vs. tough, taunt resist and graze. Plus her weapon had that absolute defense plus AP upgrade and a 10% healing every turn for every fast teammate. I already have like 5k of her cards, so I’m thinking about getting her also after today!

My usual rule is something that is listed as an event on the calendar. (excluding tournaments.

The expensive one didn’t come back after a while. I’m not sure the game architecture supports offers going away if you buy another one. I don’t think think it’s a huge issue (we have to trust players to make sensible spending decisions for their situation at some point) but a better way to handle it might be having just the battle pass, and unlocking the trainer offer for those who bought it.

Over 7 average, fk me peeps it was good but not that good :thinking: or was it lol

You have to much free time🤗

If you say so old dude

I do I do😉