Event ending banner

I don’t know how I could be set up but it would be nice to have something on the main screen saying that a certain event is coming to an end. The pie event slid right by on me and I didn’t catch it. And I’m on enough to should have known but… So something on the main screen mite help peeps like me.or maybe not even mentioning the event just saying that something is ending to force a museum look something.maybe


How about an event ending pop up? We all like pop ups :smiley:


Grrrr you

But thats a good idea. Other games have an event tab so you know whats coming, whats ending etc


Considering there are currently 8 tabs on the black market and numerous limited time museum collections always ongoing, there should be some form of notification when events are coming to an end. It is very easy to forget when something ends because we have some many events running and overlapping nowadays. I’ve very active in game and I still miss a collection or black market exchange here and there. Some form of notification that there is x amount of time left to collect for each event wouldn’t hurt.


Yeah even something flashing that isn’t too distracting just to indicates check your s*** cuz something’s ending soon

i lost all my pies

They did signpost the ending of the Dr Stevens/trauma kit event ending, which was nice. Was a rare one off though

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I agree with you that some form of notification should be given. I lost two event collections in a row cause I got the dates wrong. I barely collected from the hats yesterday cause I just happened to scroll through all the tabs in the black market. I hate to say it but maybe an event pop up listing the dates of the event could help.

Yep, too many event running, too many tabs to check sometime make us lost with the timer. And i do hope scopely will let us know which event are going to be continued in the future, for example like kendama event.

Ps. I still want our chihuahua plush to be used again

Doesn’t help either when occasionally a collection ends earlier than the blog post states


You get a thumbs up and a thumbs down for that🤗

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An Events Tab with all timers,collections,and missions in one place would be sweet!

Like a more interactive (and accurate) calendar…

The pop up would appear three weeks after the event ended. I just got a pop up that onslaught was over


I hate the three weeks after onslaught I have to wait to get that closure

The game will retire and 10 years later at a random coffee shop near Brakebills NY :wink: your phone will go off with the pop up that Onslaught has finally ended!!


I asked for one over two years ago… Still waiting lol


The best pop ups were the ones which showed up during war :roll_eyes:

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Yup lost pies and now there is 4 days left on card trade in, but card maps appear to have ended. They are not displaying on my game.

Great suggestion, maybe in the offer tab highlighting the event or something in red? It is really overwhelming with so much going on and the multiple tabs to keep on top of everything.

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger can you please look into this suggestion made by this customer. Thanks