Event Doubt, anybody know

Will the “Rise to Power” event be permanent? Every month renewing itself? Or is it only during this month of March?

I’ve heard it is only March event. It will end 31th March

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A two day war is plausible to finish off the event and a way to get the prizes due from the cancelled war last weekend.

Why would it be permanent? It sucks as it is… It’s not a real global event anyway, no interaction at all… :yawns:

Appreciate the free Rick but meh…

Calendar is not to be trusted. Because you know *information on this calendar is subject to change at any time… Lol

Good thing fortnite is out on mobile. I wont be able to war if they keep this on alternating weeks. I dont understand why Scopely needs to switch the war schedule around all the time.

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If the second stash was not ruined by scopleys greed it would have been a decent event. I would be halfway through the stash.