Event calender Janurary 2019


Where is the latest event calender. I can only find a January 2019 that has events up until Sunday 13th January. Is there no more events for rest of month ???


Either Scopely has decided to not run any more events…ha…, or the calendar will be updated this week. Probably Tuesday like usual. And probably the same events at the same time as they’ve been for the last few months.


Maybe if each week was completely different from the previous ones it would be good to know what’s coming up. But the schedule has been pretty steady for a while. Pop in an Onslaught every now and then and change the type of war.


It does help some ppl to plan. But heck it, it has always been a SLUT right after the weekend, and likely solo raid the next day, with a SLUT right after, mixed with either a SR, Onslaught or blitz (which has not happened for awhile)

And then its either war weekend or a mix of faction LUT, raid or SR


Repeat post after repeat post. How lazy can one be? The calander is ALWAYS updated on Tuesday’s. Therefore Monday is never “known” even though it will be a solo level up.


Yes but they used to update the calendar before the current events ended the Tuesday before to be precise now they wait until after everything’s over to give you any new information which tends to be the same old information but one can hope that they’ll see something different.

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Ur calendar of disappointment will be up in a few no rush.


slut, solo raid, slut, solo sr, crw,
slut, solo raid, slut, solo sr, flut, fac raid, fac sr

repeat forever

like forever


Who knows, they might listen to our recent poll and increase frquency of blitz war. We can hope anyway :blush:


Or you can just go to the vk site the night before and not only know what event is running you also get to see the “rewards”. Don’t want to spoil the surprise but it’s a solo lv up with identical rewards to the last one. So they are garbage.

Glad they noticed all the hate on the boards and made some adjustments. Wait no they did nothing as per usual. :smirk:

Spoiler #2 later that night were also getting a solo raid with complete crap for rewards as well.



nope prolly doesnt make money as no one coins people collect cans and that means no monnnnnneeeeyyyyy


Maybe you can see the actual calendar if you are a club member? :rofl: