Event Calendar Update 11/12

Morning Survivors,

I have made some updates on the event calendar to include the new multi-week event Last Words Event.

You can find those changes as usual on the Tournament Calendar thread

And on our new blog post

Note that going forward, the Mutliweek events will be shown on the calendar.


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Appreciate that, but surely the whole point of a calendar is that events are posted on it before hand not afterwards? Otherwise it’s a diary not a Calendar.


@CLIFTON87 Agree that’s why the multi-week events will be shown in there beforehand as we did for the Halloween event.

A good step, but I personally believe that communicating an event to the playerbase and its general layout at least a few days beforehand (rather than day of, day before, or during) will benefit you as a company because you will be able to build some enthusiasm for it with the playerbase.
As a side point, it also benefits the playerbase as they are then able to prepare better.

Edit: I know that’s not your call, but it’s definitely worth highlighting to the higher ups.


Can we now call it a diary instead


Did anyone actually ask for the stretch 8 to be added like that? The calendar is way too cluttered and it’s not like we don’t all know leagues are ongoing.

Can you do something to make it easier to follow please. The colour coding is good but I used to find it far easier to follow than the way it’s been laid out the last few weeks.


Wasn’t there supposed to be an FA event?

End of November/decemberish so scopely timeframe thats march 2020

I saw a post it would be this week or maybe next

Agree it’s getting too cluttered

The new calendar now shows the weekly organized Monday to Friday as opposed to Sun to Sat.

If you guys feel that the League stretch are too much and not useful I can definitely change this.



Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

For me, it would be good to have a reminder of qualifying week and last week for each new season because they are different to normal weeks and you have to look quite closely in-game to keep up, but I’m pretty BAU the rest of the time with leagues.


Agree with @Jojo29 on that

Could you maybe combine the rows for season and stretch, i.e. have “Season 8, Stretch 4” instead of two separate lines, and use the additional line to add some space between weeks? Maybe even “Season 8, Stretch 4 of 10”?

The season info is not terribly useful, baut might be nice to have I guess. As it is, it’s quite confusing to see which line belongs to which day, and I often have to reorient myself (or use the text version).

Also, times in UTC at the bottom (in addition to the existing ones) would be good. Daylight time savings are over for now, but it’s annoying having to track it. Your own difference from UTC is easy to figure out and remember.

Make the league stretch 3 days please!! 7 days is way too much

Clifton where did you guys go I’m back in Cook couldnt find you all.

PS. Not trying to highkack the thread sorry lol

Just post everything on the forums, why we have going from forum to blog and blog to forum everytime?

Add Onslaught please. :grin::grin::crossed_fingers:

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In Barrow matey, you’ll want to transfer as soon as the next window is open as it’s a 1B region and I think the next transfer is the last one where players can escape 1A.

Yes please remove the league stretch. It’s nothing new & runs continuously. Everyone knows about it. No need to be shown :wink: