Event calendar that is accurate and doesn't change


Event calendar that doesn’t change


You want one that isn’t subject to change? So what we had before which was no calender…


Picky picky


I can understand this though and Arron means (I think) when an event is first put into the calender and that event isn’t there anymore. There are factions that plan ahead for points such as an example the 100k scav mission they plan ahead with it. I can see this being an issue if they put some good characters away in the 100k scav and then come to find out when they actually want to accept the rewards doesn’t come for another week or so after. If they are lucky enough to abandon before it finishes then no harm really but the other way just sort of sucks.


I tried a little to hard there didn’t I? LOL. I did mean what I said but I do wish they were able to be more reliable to not change the projected tournament. Honestly, I’m not sure what exactly could have sparked the change we see for the week. No bugs exist that could have called for canceling a faction level up. The type of tournament surely would not effect any decision to change the type of reward they offer so that couldn’t be it. I guess it’s possible they accepted complaints about too many level ups and changed faction to raid and tossed a solo in there to stay true to their new level up plan. Instead of just doing both faction tournaments… which I think would have been the better route.

But to go with what I said initially the unpredictability of this calendar is probably the only option other than not having one at all. To be frank, and midly inconsiderate if you’re scheduling or planning (anything really) based on the notion that the future will never change, you don’t know how to plan.


I would like to see dual solo & faction level up at same time. The only change to format would be making the milestones in the faction event faction milestones with the rewards going to the entire faction.


Cmon dude, things change, its unreasonable to expect otherwise. Just as long as they update it when things change Im fine with the current method.


No the point is is you tell us it’s so low level up then it’s Sr and then it’s a faction level up this weekend and now it changes it’s a faction raid now this weekend with the solo level up I just wish they could get it straight so I don’t pass info that’s incorrect I guess I was just better off not knowing


It was a simple question I’m not the one planning for anything just when you have 29 other people relying on you for good info and you give them wrong info makes you look stupid I understand things change and people complain that there’s too much of this and not enough of that that’s not what I’m trying to get across if you’re going to post the calendar that says one thing make sure you send a notification that day not three days later


That’s why there’s the disclaimer that anything is subject to change. At least it was updated appropriately this time days before the event went live unlike the one incident we had before. Sucks, but this is one of the downsides of having an event calendar.


Thank you I was the most simplified answer without ignorance ever appreciate it


As Gregory say, fear the big u