Event Calander jan/feb


@kalishane love the new update!!! And i was wondering could we get a calander for the upcoming events

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That’s been done!!

Check it! :slight_smile:




Thank you Mick!

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Why so many lvl ups? Throw a blitz war during week instead of boring lvl ups… smh



I can’t do 1 straight week of levelling pls change things around.

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So don’t. Nobody is forcing you to do them all. Participate in a few, pick out a couple and stick top 100. Level ups are filler events, they’re always going to be around. No need to go hard for them all.



A 24 hour blitz wouldn’t hurt…



No one’s holding a gun to my head yeah I get that. But I want gear and ranking well in every event is about the only way to get that. Tis the scopely way. If I could sit a few out and still get what I need that’d be great but that ain’t happening bud.



or you could use Faction assault markers I get that gear, or you could use the nugget event that’s going on. Asking them to slow down the events is like asking them to take gear from other people. Just because you can’t hit the 2 million milestone in a few events doesn’t mean other played can’t.



Are blitz wars a thing anymore? I can’t even remember the last one…



Yeah i get the idea of not competing in every lvl up. But come on seriously a 3 day lvl up straight after a weekend lvl up is a bit much even you can see that

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Problem is all the level ups are giving out Nuggets for the various Museum collections as rewards. Thus, people want to participate. If it was the normal crappy rewards, then yea, skip this or that one. Top end gear is so rare, people are compelled to participate if they want to remain mildly competitive.

Just one more play by Scopely to drain resources. While simultaneously destroying millions of food via their gear markers.



So stay top 100 over a few events instead of aiming for top ten in one or two. Other players need these nuggets too. These level ups give them the opportunity to grab some higher tiers before higher tier players can take all the top spots every event. Last year or the year before we would have had nothing going on during these level ups. At least this is something to have running in the background.
And as far as we’ve been told every item while sold for food in this new depot will be at least the same food, some will go for much more, so scopely is actually giving us more food then we previously had.



It’s just monetizing one more aspect of the game. Once they have the indirect method in place, the price will fluctuate based on your inventory to ‘help’ you get what you want. Anyone who thinks different hasn’t been paying much attention.

Make my farms produce 4x as much food, problem solved. Make the ultimate roadmap farmable, problem solved. Why don’t they do that? No profit.



They’re giving out more food then before with this depot, and maybe less gear then before, but we can still get gear reliable as a f2p. Nothing has been monetized with this unless you’re super inpatient.



In our region’s last solo lvl up, to be in the top 100 you had to hit 1.2 million…
thats becoming harder to do without the farmable gear… and now that nuggets are top prizes in every event, theres less of a chance of getting a new 5 star.

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Tons of people are going to miss out on these nuggetts because they are out of toons to level…



When did I tell anyone to slow things down? You’re putting words in my mouth mate. I asked them to change things around. 1 whole week of levelling ain’t exactly fun times.

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All level ups and no blitz makes jack a dull boy…

Seriously shake things up. Enough with the barrage of level ups. They are mind numbingly boring. It’s pretty much the only thing to do in the game now. My faction is getting disengaged and participation is at an all time low. For the love of all that is holy can we please replace them with some mid week blitzes and more raids. At least they add actual gameplay. No more than 1 level up solo or faction per week.

@kalishane Can you please bring this to the team? Thank you.