Euro Player looking for new faction


2 year veteran F2P euro player looking for a new active/top faction to play with.
PM me if you want to further discuss.


What region r u in. If ur in Newberry I can invite u. We’re TheDeadZones


Everyone is always looking for euros lol.

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What region are you in


Yes euros are in demand


I guess it’s a Secret what region it is


It doesnt matter what region…You can transfer


European player. Max level. Looking for transfer to European server. Looking for Faction that holds one of territory granting 5s tokens. Long term holding of that territory. I don’t play on weekends. Otherwise everyday login, playing when I want (looking for mature Faction which understands adult life responsibilities). Pretty much playing every day but I’m not living in cell phone Android game. Free to play player. If your Faction leader dictates what score should who have, enjoy your game I’m not interested!


Not playing on weekends? War, the only event worth playing in the game is on weekends.


Quite the opposite.


Do you even play bruh?


I wish you the best of luck finding a faction that won’t require you to log on at the weekend!


Top 50 faction might , or top 20 in a dead region

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So my post was flagged as offensive. Again, I dont care about Faction of kids. Looking for mature Faction.




Good luck finding an active faction that would happily allow zero’s every war weekend lmao


Just join a bottom faction pretty much every weekend is team events so you serve no uses to the top 10-15 Factions


We are in Chattahooche region. We are looking for active players. The New Found Order. We look forward to hearing from you.


Apparently u didnt read he doesnt want to do events on weekends…


Founded my own faction. 25/30 euro players with my own rules. 90% of us are CZ/SK. Raid points 350k. Play when you want policy.
Silver 4 faction league position now.