Euro heavy faction need American time zone players


Hello all!!

I hope your all well? So the reason for the post is we are a euro heavy faction, the vast majority of our guys are euro, we are in need of American time zone players or that sort of time frame,

If you need a new faction we are active and have F2P and P2P players all are welcome we just want activity and someone who can hold there own, communication is key:)

Message me if interested


Damn, the holy grail of factions. Not like all these American heavy factions the rest of us Euro players are stuck in…


Meaning lol?


Meaning most of the facs are usually trying to find Euro players while you guys are doing different, which is a surprise as doesn’t really happen often :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotcha lol we’ve been together a long time and in all fairness it does work, if you are a different time zone to euro and need a faction or know someone who is lemme know I’m all ears haha


US is easy to found my region is US strong


It’s all okay we’re full now


Didnt think it would take soooooo long.


I’m quite surprised aswell haha! Hopefully can slap down in crw now hehe


Was going to throw my hat in the ring. 3 yr veteran that just had half his faction retire and disband. A little homeless atm.


You needing a home bud?


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