Eugene stash? Like why?


40 food bags in this stash with a mediocre toon. Seriously who would actually try for this pos lmao


He was leaked at the same time actually


It’s a ascendable ticked of the list never the less so just think gov could be after is it painful waiting yes but should we rage about stash


Probaly not trust me I want gov to opportunity and there are many ways to get him try legendary training bud it’s not likely but he is in there


Like he’s already 6 in the Stash so like if anyone want to like get him like that that’s like less hassle If you like don’t have him yet and you like want him. Do you like understand?


To get 4 of him with stun guns


You wanted a F2P red? Well here’s the one you didn’t want - Pay us now!!!


I knew that they was going to release this useless MF before the Red governor. Probably another 3 more weeks now ffs. :-1:


Whats really craptastic about the release of Eugene and his stash is that now we know we wont be getting the Gov for at least another few months. What a crock of crap. They saw how many people made posts asking for the Gov. No one asked for Eugene so who over at scopes thought this was a good idea? We need a decent f2p red and Eugene is definitly not it.

Thanks for nothing. He really stinks to boot. Even if I had him I would still wait for the Gov.


I realize a lot of people would be disappointed with him BUT for the purpose of making a point can we ignore for a second that he’s just “meh”. Cool!

He was released on a Sunday… a war Sunday… just a little over 24 hours after war began. Very little could have possible changed from Friday night to Sunday morning, right? Couldn’t he have easily been the top war prize? Or even Governor? An ascendable…


Stash would be 300 bucks to complete. My experience with those is that Eugene would always be the last thing pulled. Def not worth $300.00


I think he’s good.
Everyone cry’s when they see 85ap…but there the same people who used to cry at anything over 45Ap.

He’s a lot better than people are making him out to be.
I’ve ascemded mine.

(I wouldn’t buy the overpriced 90 item stash though)


He’s useless on def with that 85 ap. He’s gonna make other toons ar’s go off when he randomly hits 2 more on his rush. Execution is great but that’s it. I also wouldn’t consider him f2p since you had to win him from a tournament. If I had him and I had tons of spare fodder and gear I would ascend him too I guess. But it’s not like Benedicts, Lilliths and medals fall from the trees these days, although that has gotten better lately.

We know the Gov exists. Anyone can get him from the depot so he is truly f2p. We all need another red to take the pressure off of Mira. Melee has it made in the shade with a ton of f2p offers. In the last two months alone we had Gator, Wyatt, Vincent and soon Maggie. All we are asking for is a little bit of help here so just release the damn Governor already Scopely.


Fixed it for you.


I agree that it would have been nice to see him as a war prize but there are three problems with this. First, Scopely makes no profit off this. Somewhere out there people have bought the entire stash already. Second, the only people who want to see ascendable toons as war prizes are people already in the top faction. This does nothing for 99% of the rest of the players. Third, Scopely also made it abundantly clear they no longer want to offer toons as war prizes.

I still think what needs to be done is to create a new wheel with nothing but ascendable f2p 5 stars. Then the token rewards will become useful again. Top fac gets 10k. It costs 10k for a pull. Simple. Change the current wheel to have regular 5 stars but lower the cost to 5k. This is for ascension fodder or collecting purposes. Problem solved.