Etiquette re Living With Whales


Advice needed.
Whale faction came in and killed our region. Those of us left get splatted in war by their (yarn) Erikas etc.
One of their members has put solid 5* teams on defence.
Should the faction do it or not? Pros and cons please.


It’s pretty much up to them. I feel sorry for you though


I’m not actually sure what you’re asking if your faction should do?


Ah, to clarify. Should the entire, most, a few or none of them lower def teams? What is in their interest and ours?


Not sure where you are going with this tbh. Do you plan to approach them and say that forum says they should ALL drop defense for you? Its very nice they even one person did that so id say look at it as a friendly gesture and leave it at that


what region?


So what would make this easier for some of you?

Should they drop their defense to a f2p team instead of a p2w one?

Should they just coin twice, once, none after you destroyed their camp?

Should they not take towers and let you have them?

Should they just wait 30 minutes before pressing the search button so you feel like their activity matches yours?

Should they split their members and distribute a few members to other factions during all events except for CRW?

Should they just let you win every now and then even after they done all the above?

Totally non sarcastic questions here.


They are probably trying to keep you guys somewhat happy so you don’t decide to leave the region.


sorry to hear that and it’s time to quit this game. just do it.


Lulz… what kind of ridiculous thread is this. What They “should” do is irrelevant to you.

You control your own Faction decisions. They should play the game in any way that suits them and you should too. Ask around in the forum for a potentially better server, and them transfer out if you can.

Or – do what 99% of other factions in the game do – accept that there is at least one faction in the region now that will wreck you and get over it.

Or gitgud, so you stop getting wrecked.

Or quit.


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