ETA on next gear map?


First off, @kalishane thank you for keeping us posted on the last two gear maps, definitely appreciate it! Is there an ETA on the next gear map and what it will be? My guess, most likely an ultra gear roadmap but you did mention that their was a new gear map In the works. Anytime we will see it? Thanks for your time

P.S here is a cute puppy gif because…why not? Cute puppy!

Could we get a elite rare gear roadmap please :)

nice lure


Lol it’s, but that puppy is too cute


When will the 6* gear be available? It seems there are plenty of 6’s available for pull but no gear to upgrade them, not even to t3


I farmed last gearmaps well I’m just really interested in legendary gear map aka t4 gear


I also want to know when tier 4 gear will be available. Hard to keep up with maxed legendaries


Yeah right now most teams are stuck in limbo in my region…no gear for upgrades and 5’s are about worthless


Yes, legendary gear road map would be awesome!


An Ultra Gear map would be greatly appreciated here.



Hmmm I think 2 weeks ago it was Monday. And last week it was Tuesday. So that means this week it will be Wedsdays.

Hahaha it’s not every week like Scopes promised but they are so close.


@kalishane doesn’t work on weekends.


When is it @kalishane?


Elite rare too! Gotta get me more flaks and beanies.


Aren’t we due a legendary roadmap?


Yes but we will probably get a elite map by Sunday. This every week thing is really shaky.


I feel like we are at the very least, due an ultimate gear map (all 3 gear maps combined, rare, elite rare and ultra) but we do need a legendary.


What time is the gear map today? Thanks and keep up the good work!


There’s a gear map today?


3-4 week’s in a row. Wasn’t aware they stopped


30 February 2018