ETA on better rewards and lower milestones?

I remember seeing somewhere that you were rebalancing milestones is there a date we should expect this to happen? And more importantly what are they changing to? Please tell me they won’t increase

Secondly let’s take the prizes for faction raid, excusing the fact that first only get half a pull, why have you so badly reduced those below 1st I mean 3td gets 1.6k less than a fifth of a pull for a weekend event this has got to be the worst prize structure we have seen so far, apart from last Crw, Didn’t you say that 1st place factions shouldn’t dictate the meta and get 6* prizes, so how does giving low factions basically nothing for a weekend event balance the game?


The first monday of July 3017…


These prizes just aren’t worth competing for. Not even a chance for decent gear so 6* upgrading is still being throttled for those unwilling to pay.

Never again

Lol but look new promo 6* is out XD fudging scopely


I would love to know this as well.

Great post…need an official reply to this, and the eta for the next 6 version of an old toon

Apparently the Governor Of Pike has this information & is going to share it as soon as he’s allowed back on :+1:t3: