ETA on 9.2 going live?

Does anyone know if there is an ETA on when 9.2 will be going live?

You’ll know when it goes live.

It just went into beta. There’s for sure going to be bugs that need to be fixed. I’d guess at a minimum of 2 weeks out if you’re super lucky but most likely a 3+ weeks out. Depending on the bugs, it could be a couple months out

they said by the end of the month


I would bet just before next war event so something there gets balled up.


Can you link to the post where they said that? It’s surprising that they gave a release date right when they put it into beta. Normally, you’d want some testing time and then time to work out the critical bugs

sorry, I just remember Kalishane saying it should be out by the end of the month, no idea which post it was.

I’m a developer and if I were to put my program out for testing and at the same time give a release date, i might as well just jump off a bridge. Its setting the wrong expectations unless the changes are so minor that thorough testing isn’t needed. I wouldn’t call this update with friendly battles and a new depot minor. Bugs are found during user testing more times than they aren’t.

That said, there could be hard deadlines to meet in which case…, good luck


She said it before beta started testing. Last year you… and the last beta tests lasted a week +/- .

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Think I heard them say Early 2018. Right about the same time we get all our ascendable toons too. :wink:

Think the operative word is “SOON” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Builds rarely survive first contact with Public Beta.


Any Proof???

She said in another topic some exited new features will be out end of this month. With exited she means she and “the team” are happy they can screw us again. No food and more level ups.


Currently Beta is experiencing bugs of course. The biggest one atm is SR in which said bug has infiltrated both BETA and players regular region’s as well. Can’t complete SR for rewards, so testers are screwed for incoming tournament.
WTG keep on surviving or not!

We’re working on fix for this right now.

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A sandy bridge?


Is the solo survival road still going live if the bug isn’t fixed?

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It’s not an issue that would be experienced in Survival Road Tournaments, but we’ll have a fix for the regular SR reload issue soon.