Eta for a. i. revision?

Raiding has faded to near zero in my league…currently highest gold.

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There is definitely something amiss Ap gain, less damage dealt by attacker, stun impair confuse maim, nothing imo is working as intended ATM


Well with my limited toolbox disarm Magna which the AI doesn’t do first when attacking and hope you can take her

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Can you explain the problem? I don’t see it

Do you auto on attack?

Upper level has been raiding with a shield for ages…it allows you to take 3 to 4 attack toons. Knock guardian shields off. Kill your opponent in a minimal amount of time unless they have turn 1 active godlike premiers.

The AI is amazing on defense now…they need to revisit the use of actives on all toons. Or allow us to adjust the levels of actives and adrenaline rushes on all 6*'s.

Absolutely not happy with the way some active skills are used…i.e. adrenaline gain actives. Certain toons use their adrenaline gain rushes AFTER the rest of their team attacks on defense instead of at the beginning of the round.

Some toons that you had rush turn 2 now, use their active instead, of their adrenaline rush.

If you have a disarm on defense. That toon should ALWAYS attack first before the rest of the team.

It needs tweaks yes. But it works alot better then the punching bags we had for a long time that let everyone stomp them.

One pic like that does nothing, unfortunately. You obviously hit Eric a bunch of times and each one of those hits is going to generate AP for him. That’s normal, even before the AI change.

This quote has many things wrong with it. Many don’t have shields. Many don’t have the 3-4 attack toons of upper level quality you talk of. Many can’t finish a raid within this time thus, and to top it off, the game should not channel you down a certain strategy route to just win anything


and still people are complaining that it is too hard…

Yes I only hit eric. But can you explain how the rest of the enemies got their AP bar half with 1 hit? This wasn’t normal before

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(20+10)*1,4=42 is more than half for every rush below 80

So everything is as it always was…

Edit : 20 : base ap gain
10 : huge on at on weapon
1.4 : 40% ap gain more on Def

Difficulty never entered the equation. It is difficult if your attack team is lacking in it’s defensive composition, or you don’t have the right toons to make a decent one. I do, but I still find this new AI tedious and worse than the original in many factors.


i like the new ai, it’s much more predictable and you can use it to your advantage, just experiment and you will find ways to make them atk the toon you want them to.


As @Donald said, defense gets a 40% bonus to AP generated on attack. It has ALWAYS worked this way, even before we could see the actual AP numbers.

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Your turn 2 is before theirs, so you can use your taunt/confuse/stun 2 enemies active before they can.

A crappy war is still a crappy war.

Those of us that used majority of our can resources can’t afford a repeat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if activity is even worse then last CRW and that was the lowest I’ve ever seen it across the board.

So many factions disbanded and/lost several people, just will be repeat the week after this CRW.

If I was to put my tinfoil hat on and half bake a theory , it would be that it’s Scopely’s intention to get regions to become even lower in activity and finally start the process of consolidation.



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I think the bouncing had more to do with defensive towers than anything but I could be wrong. Either way, I highly doubt they are changing it back unfortunately.

I lose interest in this game by the day. It’s accelerated by this A.I update.

Scopley could at least make an announcement on which way they look to take it before they lose half their active community


You are assuming they care about the players.


I swear to God, if Scopely tries to ram us into another war without fixing this first they’ll just be shooting themselves in the foot. Again. And this time knowingly. I’d rather have no war and a completely dead weekend but Scopely execs learning from their mistakes? Someone get the wheelchair.


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