Errors in translation

I will leave here only one example of an incorrect translation. Please fix all the errors available in the Russian version of the game.

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Can you please help us out and show us exactly which translations are wrong? It’s a waste of my time to install the game in Russian, run it through a translator, guess which ones are wrong, and hope I don’t miss any.

In the English version of the game + 10% to defense.
In the Russian version of the game + 15% to defense. I’m afraid the players get some disappointment, losing the expected 5%.


This is just an example of one mistake. she is not the only one.

Again, please show the others. I will get the devs to fix them, but I’m not going to hunt them down myself.

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I invest in the game, not in order to do the work of developers. Let everyone do their job. Thanks.

If you know something’s broken but don’t tell me what it is, then it must not be important to you that it gets fixed.

It is important for me to get the version of the game without errors. For everything else, there is a beta version of the game.
If the developers make mistakes in the main versions of the game between 10 and 15, then they have difficulties in the team.

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Looks like he already told you: russian translation, new epic effects.

You do realize that to check ALL the translations a player must RESEARCH those effects? Lol


Hi there please message me on line “Linkesus.” With the period - any translation problems of weapon ss please feel free to send me so I can forward to the appropriate personal

Edit: anyone else with similar issues please feel free to reach out to out. I know there are some French translation issues too.

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I apologize, but the use of LINE is prohibited in Russia. I have no way to do this.

All good forum messages I’ll send you one

He knows something is wrong in translation but refuses to report it. Why should anyone else waste time figuring out what he already knows is a mistake? My time is more valuable than that, and developer time is even more valuable. I want them working on more important things.

This type of bug reporting is why I refuse to send combat bug reports to developers without video - it wastes everyone’s time when people think “Laopo is broken” is a sufficient description of a problem. Similarly, “Russian translations are wrong” is too vague. Give me specific details and I’ll report it. Give me vague descriptions, I’ll ignore it.

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I am outraged by your position “refuses to report this”

  1. I reported a problem and set an example.
  2. Is developer time more valuable? I’m sorry, what? You did not forget that it is the developers who are responsible for the final product that I use? which is deceiving.
  3. I spent a lot of resources to study and get an epic effect. I counted on 15%, but received 10%.
    You should think about it.

Developers time is too valuable to spend it on fixing bugs and bad translations of their own game?

Why am I not surprised. After all its still a good ol Scopely attitude.


I do not want to argue. Just someone, should begin to conscientiously carry out their work.

Yes, they absolutely need to fix it.

They shouldn’t have to FIND it if someone already found it. Tell me exactly what was found, I’ll get it fixed. But I’m not going to waste time finding something that you already know but refuse to tell me.

You reported PART of a problem and won’t tell the rest of it.

So a player reports bad translation, asks you to look into it because there may be other cases of bad translation as well.

And your reply is: “our time is too valuable for that, list all the mistakes and beat it, cause we don’t believe in beta testing”

Oh my… Lol


He gave an example. He shouldn’t have to list every translation error, that’s down to the devs to do. They now know where to look so shouldn’t take too much of their valuable time.