Error logging into the game

I can’t enter the game for two days, a constant restart of the game occurs. After transferring the account to another region, I decided to go back to the region from which I made the account transfer and got stuck there, the game restarts and nothing else can be done.
Have already missed 2 tournaments, routes for Krista, the opening of characters in the club of survivors, gold does not count for the pass. The account just weighs and nothing can be done with it.
Help solve this problem.

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how do it restart?

The game loads and after 5 seconds it throws it into the boot menu and so on in a circle.
Reinstalling the game did not help, I tried to run it on another device, everything happens the same.

if startscreen loops just press the screen… is a strange bug
do the game start and then restart right away you have more difficult problems

I have the same issue


The same thing, could you solve?

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Un compañero de facción tiene el mismo problema

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I have the same problem, help?

Tapping my screen isn’t working Tsar, do you know why?

Only thing you can do is if you’re using an iPhone/iPad uninstall and reinstall, on android clear cache and then uninstall then reinstall.

If that doesn’t work, contact support in game/email them and play the waiting game.

Ive already tried both of those things really annoying, working for others & im still just here

I’ve had it happen twice to me and been locked out for about 10 days each time. Messaging ladygeek or jb on line might help resolve it faster

Dont have either on line

Se demoran demasiado en responder :angry:

I forgot JBs line but ladygeek is ladygeek.twd

Mesmo problema aqui, cansado de esperar resposta suporte, perdi arena, liga, rotas, up, assalto e missões. E agora?

I don’t know if you solved it but the same thing was happening to me…scopely support is useless!! I’m on IOS and all I did was delete the app completely and reinstalled it…it solved my issue. Good luck!!!

See my post for solution

Tried that,still didn’t work,I’ve emailed support but no response… I’m sure they have given up.

No, you can’t solve this issue by yourself. Clearing cache, reinstalling, even taking your device back to factory settings will not help. It’s an issue with our accounts. Scopely knows about it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I know people been in the same boat for 3 months.