Error Content 2... Pqp



Solve this bug, for God’s sake … It’s messing up a lot on CRW, I’m missing the milestones, dropping positions in the league … I have been since 2hrs on Saturday morning trying to get into the game and I can not … Please solve the bug error content 2.


Having the same issue


Dude, ive been trying since 530 pm last night. Thats 17 hrs.


Brother, it’s difficult things … Scopely does not send any news about the fucking bug. It’s just messing with the players, this fucking bugger


this is unacceptable that engineers and programmers do not work on Saturdays and Sundays, while we are the ones harmed by failures of them, without being able to play, while they take their days off.


I’m screwed too… It’s ok, we will probably get like 2 war cans for this


Honestly I’m gonna end up getting demoted in my league because of this.


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