Error code: Content 2 after buy subscription


After buy survivors club I have been loged out. When I try run a game I see Error code: Content 2 (in attachment).

I tried reinstall game, cancel subscription, delete payment form in Google Play

Please let me know how I can log in to my account (if it is possible I don’t want lost my login streak)

I’m having the exact problem.

Don’t post your account code like that


same problem for me

Same for me.
Scopely do something pls

Seems your screwed til they find a solution to this andrea thing

Also having this issue. Right after I started the 1 week trial for Survivors’ Club, my game crashed and “Content 2” error message is all I get. I’m on iOS.

Messaged Scopely Support at around 8:10am PST, still no response.

Habe das selbe Problem…bitte helft schnell

I’m gonna spend my free trial locked out completely. That’s the only true way to hook em and reel em in Scopely.

Hello everybody,

Same problem here. How to fix it ? Is there someone who can help us? Please.

Issue has been fixed for me this morning

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