Error code 100000, is it a way for scopely to silence ppl

Is scopely flagging accounts of tired disgruntled players with a error code 100000. How many ppl have this problem.

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Needs more tinfoil :joy:




It is a secret government program, they have been testing people in video games for awhile now, high scores, being number 1 isnt the passing the test, no, other things are looked for and being that the world will be full of zombies one day, they have targeted zombie games. The mesh error code is a f.l@gging of sorts but it is f.l@gging accounts in which have passed a series of tests for the government to take a closer look at. The more mesh codes you get spammed with the bigger you are on the radar and soon will be taken MIB agents to a secure location for further training for the up coming zombie apocolypse. The rich have become bored and this will be their entertainment, a real life TWD. Scopely was created for this purpose as the person on top of the scopely pyramid is really a reptile bent on our demise but has to play nice and let us game as part of the test, this is why we are treated the way we are cause the reptiles hate humans but the testing must go on so scopely just screws with us.

Long story short, the mesh codes are part of a reptile overlord test being run to find out which humans to harvest and save for the upcoming zombie apocolypse :scream:


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