Error Code 100.000


People in my Region are getting non stop Error Code 100.000 @kalishane . Please fix


What region?


Going to need more info to look into this.

Player Names:
When did this start?:
What were they doing when this happened?
Is engaging with a particular feature causing the issue?


It happened to me several times as well, in winston region, when i was checking my territory defense team, about four hours ago. I was just looking, not doing anything when it happened. It flashed for a few seconds, disappears and reappears about 15 times


Is this still happening?


Looked to my like a temporary wlan error, after 20 minutes it was gone and never returned


Bears bars & bombs


Sorry, name is bier, bars & bombs


Looks like there was a small server hiccup this morning with the launch of the tournament. This should be resolved now. Please let me know if anyone is still encountering the error.