Error 300,004 Survival Club

I cannot run survivor club trial, thus no rewards received

Isen’t it more creepy that there are over 300.000 Error Codes? Speaks for Qualitity :smirk:


@JB.Scopely is this issue going to be fixed?

I keep getting that error code does any1 know wot they doing about it as just wanted to try the 7 day trail

This is not an issue on our end.

First step to be tried to address it is:
Clear Google Play Storage Data by doing the following: Android settings > Apps & Notifications > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Data

This should hopefully solve the issue.

What to do on IOS to rectify?


For iOS users, as there are no troubleshooting steps, you’d need to get in touch directly with Apple:

What about kindle fire users? I’m told to just try again later

And Apple says to contact scopely if we don’t receive the rewards… vicious circle

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crazy how fast people get a response when the payment process isn’t working lol,
but don’t hear shit when it comes to returning coins etc


This is not correct there is no issue coming from iOS the problem is originating from the game. image

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That is exactly the issue I have. I have unsubscribed and resubscribed but still havent received my content. This is unacceptable, why then even play the game if the issue is not checked on the individuals account. Override the database and issue the content.

Now that it’s back on scopely, silence…

Wonder if this bug will prevent them from charging you?

Try having a problem with s p e n ding the real money…they’d do whatever they can to help you

Still nothing from the subscription…:expressionless:

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