Error 300,004 can't Purchase anything from Shop

I am uning Galaxy S8. Since last to weeks I am unable to purchase anything in the store. Always get error 300,004. Before that I could successfully buy diffetent desls, buy now it’s totally not going ahead.

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Search the error code on the forum. There are several threads about it already. You might find an answer that helps.


I sometimes get an error (haven’t made a note of its number) when trying to buy. I just quit the app and restart it and I can then continue as normal. This is on a mini iPad 4 though.

I got this error today on my Note 9 too…Half or a year ago i got this error,but uninstalling store update and store clear data solved the problem.Now this time not works…I changed credit card and working again…Only Samsung support can help you if you still have the problem.

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It keeps happening to me every now and then. I have searched everywhere for an answer and none of the proposed solutions worked for me.
However this issue goes away on its own in a day or two .

I had the same issue months ago It was fixed for me after I contacted Apple support , try contacting with your store support it’s most likely a store issue not scopely

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I’ve had this happen before. Bank of America had issued me a new card, one of my subscriptions declined thru app store and I couldn’t clear it up until I put the new card on my apple id. So I can say with 100% certainty it’s not a scopely issue but rather an app store issue. With that said though, it could be a number of things…

First try logging out of your app store, iTunes account and iCloud, then re-sign in. Have game closed while doing this. Then reopen app after resigning into everything and try purchasing again.

If that doesnt work check your purchase history under iTunes account info. Could be declined purchased or could be a hold if you reported a purchase thru app store as fraudulent.

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