Err on the SIDE MISSION of caution


I would like to warn people not to collect the side mission named Solo Challenge PT. 10. There seems to be yet another error that instead of moving you on to what I would presume should be Solo Challenge PT. 11 is replaced by giving you a second helping of Faction Challenge PT. 3 instead.


Took me a week to finish that mysterious second Faction Challenge PT. 3 and now I’ve been given a second Faction Challenge PT. 6. Is this gonna just keep paying out random side missions from now on or do ya maybe wanna fix it? Technically this is giving me something for free, will that speed up the repair process?


My side missions still isnt fixed. Still unable to collect climbing the ranks pt 2. And ive been in Diamond 2.
I thought this was getting fixed with the update?

So bored of waiting for them to fix the real problems in the game. Such a lazy company.


Yep some of those are still also messed up for me but the Solo Challenge PT 10 one is completely broken.


Is Scopley Valve cuz valve can’t count to 4


Or they are a mobile version of EA


I’m only half way through solo challenge PT 10. But i doubt this will get resolved by the time i complete it.
It doesn’t cost them any money so…

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