Erm... Ok? 15 chars

Erm I was looking at offers and I found this. Wth? You can get 50,000 tokens? Is this a mistake or what?

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you’d pay 25$ for a 5% chance at a legendary? no thanks - not once and not 50 times


:roll_eyes: Yes go right ahead and spend $1250 for 50 useless non-ascendable 5-stars. :wink:

Scopely would be very happy if everyone did.


I never said I would spend that amount for a load of bs… just makes me laugh how there are 50 in stock :joy:

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Lol ikr happy days for them sad days for us :joy::joy:

Happy days for a Gator! Get ready to log in daily for a chance at an old Legend, a very, VERY bad Ascendable… and the only upside being the rush, rush name and item drop chance. Claps


and unique character type generalist


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