Erikas defense needs looks at

How is Carl’s defense so much better than Erika’s? They have the same lead…So, Maybe a quick fix in the next updates to come?? Like how the 6* Ezekiel’s dual guardian wasn’t working to pair. To me. She really sucks at defense

Um no. No it doesn’t. She’s already incredibly op


Because reds get annihilated by blues, simple as that. It’s been that way all along.

Tyrese alone is a counter to her, and to add insult to that, he’s f2p.


that is why tough toons hit hard on alerts and many people have tyreese, dwight or alpha with high atk stat but not many hard hitting alerts around. This causes perception of that i assume.

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Not sure about the blues. Cause you can hit Carl with all reds and he’s still a beast lol

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it is all situational

  • which characters you hit Carl with?
  • what kind of weapons does those charachters have?
  • what kind of weapon that defending Carl has?

She’s hardcountered by one of the most common 6*s in Tyreese.

Don’t think it’s that Carl’s leader skill is being more effective, more that Erika may have the same leader skill but she’s easily countered by Dwight (F2P 6*) lead with Tyreese (F2P 6*) & Siddiq (F2P 6*) which gives you a turn 2 decapitate rush that wipes our reds & prevents revive, & almost everyone has something close to this.

Basically, she looks OP on the face of things, but really isn’t.

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Pretty much…

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Blues almost always have much higher base attack than reds, greens, or yellows so red teams are easier to kill if you have good blues. Also greens have high base defense a lot of times so with reds low attacks it just seems like carls lead skill works better but it doesn’t.

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All blue team with att weapons under Mirrabelle att buff lead is why Erika is not a threat. Stun weapon is countered by Mirrabelles active skill too and Ty decapitates any other toon on team (normally shield) I do 3 ty and Dwight team under Mirrabelle. But that same team battles against a good carl lead team with shiva and Ezekiel gaurdian

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Remember that thread of erika when people said she was too op…and here we are asking for a buff lmao


Lol. It’s only that blues are super hard hitting right now…
Dwight… tyrese… alpha

But stun defense is still amazing so worth it.

Reds have always been trash in the 5* era save magna and monica, shame on you for thinking 6* reds would actually hold up against blues

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Erika is essentially Monica 2.0

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Erika défenses are already has been : all the blue heavy hitters (Tyreese, Dwight, Alpha) can easily destroy the red defenders.
Moreover, blues in Erika defenses are also useless (not hitting hard enough to kill a red with a double attack rifle) and impair on defense is useless since recover impair AS can cure 3 people. Another useless special attribute.

GG Scopely, you gave to the weakest the power of kicking the whales’ a**es. This is the real beginning of this game’s decay.

i have no interest on the sucking erika,though i am the teamleader of carl, i have never defeatted the erika team at all because of the unlimited revive and stun!fuck!

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Then start working on a f2p ranged team :wink:

? Had to reply on this one stop crying because u can’t win just pull for her.

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all of that sounds good on paper but a lot of erika led setups this past crw and a lot defends defends going around. hell, i was running all reds for crw and had those defends coming up in the war log.