Erika "Winter Edition" 5★ / 6★ - [New Character]


Yea, I pulled that from the art database – that’s why I’m willing to bet she will be.


She won’t be released today but, VK would’ve posted her today – so I got her out ahead of time.


Tomorrow’s promo confirmed.


lots of characters get leaked early. All we know is shes coming some time this winter.


Awesome, does this mean the team still has time to nerf her?


What I don’t understand is that a 40% def/HP leader already exists for melee but not for ranged (F2P)


She is way to op and it is way to soon for a revive. She is a alert toon so you can give her a stun =) it is hard(er) to attack her. Her Leaderskill makes her and all other toons extremly tanky. Her rush makes them even more tanky and also heals them AND she also revive a toon.


thats depends on how many people can pull her


Oh no a op toon has been made that happens to be a healer and a revive considering your not looking at the 5* and going a wait a minute 6* erika is the same thing and yall Forget that her hp is 2k almost so maybe the right nerf would be reduce hp and keep becuz unless you want to play how does I use my. Reviving 5* with me getting minced game a 6* revive would be useful if you keep mining that erika op then why didn’t you moan about Erin in the past she’d need more of a nerf if she was heal over time and f2p ppl aren’t crippled becuz 6* tyresse will destroy her … Wacth this scopley will nerf her she will be now a bad toon and your yet again complain then yA fkn up a toon which has a free to play counter to it


And before you go shut up you pay 2 play I’m 15 I’m f2p only place my money going is a revision booklet for gcses


I hope that you understand F2P and P2W both ends up in top factions based on level of play and dedication, and not necessary just based on the tools they have access to.

Being overly passive aggressive will not strengthen your case. In fact, it does quite the opposite. And yes, GCSEs … good times.


She wont be OP, her AR is a good balance with her skill. Like mentioned above multi turn heal would’ve been way overkill. Many f2p 6*blues floating around not to mention the release of king blue lead dwight…


For those who wondering … Just been chatting with guys and they datamined today in the morning and no new chars were found :slight_smile:


Erika is far from being OP. Casuls need to ■■■■■■■ now


Shes going to unbalance the game like konard and pyria but thats okay because its all about motivating people to pull. If the whales throw enough money at the screen maybe scopley will finally have money to fix the game (haha).

The important question is that since she can revive+heal in the rush, will she also apply heal on the toon who gets revived? At that point the dead toon will go from 0%hp to 120%hp.


This game is getting worse day by day :joy:


That’s not how it works actually there’s revive and heal known as 5* amy and the revived toon is not affected by the heal 2 she can’t be turned down one priya and konrad were op becuz they affected you turn one really she’s 76 ap and as a leader she has no ap gain so it’s gonna be a long time before she goes off 3 the 6* is th same as the 5* all the 6* is is the 5* with 6* starts cuz garreneteed you try using her 5*


The term legendary is getting watered down. It should have been nothing but big time comic characters and it should have been limited to one per team.


We need old character to asce u.u


So where’s the ascendable recruit promised by you as a war prize … I believe you said it was spencer and that there was a problem with the way it showed up as a reward so it had to be changed and would be in the next war … that was 5 or 6 wars ago