Erika Stash Token Irregularity between region stores




In my primary region, I cant seem to find any erika stash token offers in store page…like 1$, and so on. But when I switch to alt regions, offers are available there. This seems to be very upsetting as I was planning to clear that stash asap.

Please help. Can provide more details to mod/staff via PM of avoid any unwanted bugging.


dont spend plese


@Carver mate, I havent spent any major till now, occasionally 10$ monthly. Surviving on league rewards mainly, thought Erika stash seems kinda definite chance to get rather displayed 1% RNG…

Any alternative? open to ideas…


To buy the whole stash it will be over $200


oh thats heavy on pocket, tbh cant see any offer on main region so cant calc.


Even if you buy all the offers you will be short 15 pulls I believe. That is what a faction mate has told me


No last offer is $45 for 10 tokens it’s a pricey stash


Not that they all aren’t I got her on the very last pull so if u even start b prepared


@ckbear, how much did it cost total?


200ish but wasn’t keeping track


I played 230 total I believe


Guess what…bug didnt go away, thus saving my money.

And search for erika continues…


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