Erika’s specialist skill should have been evasion


That bitch has evasion as her specialist skill she keeps evading me​:joy::joy:


Lmao. Tell me about it… Maybe Evasion II ?


This is like her 5th promo so More like evasion 5


Deffo hahaha!! Evasion X

And Awh that’s so kind of you to speak so highly of my Mum like that❤️ I know your just bitter because my mum was there for me growing up.


Daaaaaamn, the burn :joy: :+1:


:joy::joy::rofl: it’s the truth bro and it always burns​:joy:


wouldn’t her specialist be spend more for me scrubs


Love how he removed his comment when I fire back :joy:


Just noticed lol


Nope, the community removed it :kissing_heart:


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