Erika revive bug


During last crw myself and fraction members had sometimes the issue, that Erika did not revive teammates with her rush. Most of the time rush was working as intended but sporadically not.
And yes we checked that, when the issue occurred there was no char in our or opponents team with decapitate ability.
Did anyone else discover this and is this a known issue (e.g. same issue as the siddiq issue, where he is giving ap to chars with full ap. here erika is reviving chars, that are already alive)

I’m talking about experience with 6* Erika.


100% heal reduction? It block reviver too


no. was also in neither team.


does it happen on normal raids? if so you could get a video to show what’s goin on.


WeI’ve only discovered it sporadically during war and unfortunately don’t have a video from it.
During the raids i did recently it did not occure again, but i don’t know whether it will never occure in raids or just by chance it did no occure so far.
Just wanted to know whether other players with erika in attack team did notice this during war at least.


Would pretty much need a video to figure out the issue


Heal reduction papacito