Erika pull results


2 ten pulls and 5 singles got me nothing. Post your pull results.


1x “10 pull” nothing either.


Im done. Not worth it to end up with a outdated 5*. Most I’ve spent trying for a toon in 2 years.


0/10 :slight_smile:


Not only that, but if I see her, she will die by a bullet from Tyreese’s gun.


Here comes the “it’s gonna be 5vs1” crowd that forgets erika will come with backup behind her.


Guy in my faction just got 6* erika on his 2nd big pull.


40 pull. Dual axe’s tyreese. Most expensive Benedict I ever got.


Not so bad


On the plus side I can feel some extra regret this Thanksgiving. Even closer to the weapon pull I shan’t receive.



Scopely would like to take the time to thank all the suckers that pay for a chance at this new toon.
This will help them reach there quota’s and beef up them xmas bonus’s.
As long as people are willing to throw cash away on these premier toons there is no reason to release old 5*s.
It’s been what… 5ish weeks since the last?
By the time they do throw us a bone and release one it will be useless.


Also something to note, it’s not even 2x chances.



I have mixed feelings.
I’m not pulling for her…rather go 2x chances.
Not enough Benedicts or food to level her from 5* anyway.

Also…rewarding Scopley for another powercreep and not having previous 5*s ascend isn’t a great way to improve the game…


I did a 10 with my free coins from leveling up =) Sadly did not get her (didn’t expect it either).



40 pull. A 3rd shiva. Not bad least its ascendable.


40 pull… Gatherer Glenn… Fodder :joy:


Got her in the first 40 pull, she came in 5* version tho.
need some ascendance medals lol


3 more in my faction got her. 2 with 1 big pull. 1 on his 5th big pull, he got magna, sawyer, revive hershal and command maggie with the others.


one in my faction got Erika on her second single pull.
talk about luck lol