Erika Promo Trap


Shes only promo rn be abuse they’re releasing x10000000pp damage andrea with decap this weekend!!


Nope. Any proofs?


what are you smoking


And where can we score some?


This! Best market ever, since alot of players have closed their wallets for scopely.
btw. the best way to endure the lies, and keep surviving.


Cause they want everyone to buy erika then they will release andrea


Why would anyone pull for Erika now? She’s on the 3 year wheel. Offering up anyone on that wheel as a premiere pull is kinda dumb imo. When there is no other way to get a toon that’s when you put it out there for sale.


I still don’t believe that 6* Andrea will be released THAT soon.


they might if they wanna put out some of the fires they started and they`re spreading fast


If they release all 7/10 on the same day, the fire wont be extinguished, I think.


Erika being on the anniversary wheel doesn’t mean much. She seems to be the rarest pull, so you’re still very much at the mercy of the RNG.


Because I’ve done 4 anniversary pulls and haven’t gotten her. Did a 10 pull on promo and got her.


Sure, do another 40 that will get the message through to Scopely.

Edit: if ya already had the coins my bad.


The money was already spent. When you use coins after it’s bought it doesn’t give more revenue to them.

Edit: I also don’t do 40s


Also, stop watching videos. That gives them ad revenue. But hey, if you get free coins it doesn’t give them money, right?


I don’t watch videos
They have like never worked for me and I am far too busy for that nonsense payout heh


TapJoy offers?
Don’t be up in arms about a “#spendingstrike” if you don’t spend yourself or take advantage of getting “free” coins.


I’m almost prestige 12. And would be all for spending or doing offers. If this is resolved favorably I’ll continue doing so. If not, I won’t.


If you wanted “in” on the messed up offers, you should have made a fresh account in a new region, bought the promos, and had your 12 ascendables.

If you don’t want to abandon your old account don’t, but the opportunity was there for everyone. I agree the response was jacked up and there should be some sort of banding together as a community, but the way you go about it isn’t constructive.


I’m only upset at the response, not that it wasn’t offered to everyone.