Erika Offer from shop

Hello guys

This Erika is she will users get her as 6* or need to level her and acseend ?

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What a joke you have a 5% chance of pulling her odds are you will spend $500 On all crates and get 0 of her


It doesn’t help me with my question though :slight_smile:

Its a 6* no need to ascend her

I guess good luck on that 5% chance

What 5%?

Yep its only a 5% chance on pulling her 95% chance you get coins

Ahhh… damn!

Was thinking I could get her lol. I’m not spending 150 US with 5% chance never

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It had me fooled at 1st until I looked at odds

Wait yours is 150 my is 100

Me2… I have r bought will never spent 100 us for 5% it should be 100%

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woah, $100 and not even a guarantee? dang…

Good old scopley trying to get that money

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Will never do it for 100US glad I wrote here lol!!! Was one click away from buying her that offer

Erika is meh now a days violet is the one to buy if ur gonna take the gamble


Okay - but stil… 5% for 100 :dollar: no thanks

They won’t give out the better toons with a guarantee like they did for Herschel or Alpha otherwise how will they make money. Scopes are sneaky devil’s

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Same offer with 6 Star Violet.

Yea but 8,250 coins costs 100 anyway so if your gonna buy the coins anyway this offer is a little more special


The coins + a chance to have Erika would be fairer