Erika is bad 15 characters

I’m kinda regretting pulling for her. I can’t defend any raids with her as my lead; Carl teams are much more effective on defense.

Comments? Anybody actually have success with an Erika defense that they’d like to share?

To be fair nothing defends these days. Having a range team with her lead will be good down the road as more toons come out and your options get more variety. She is not the game changer that priya was but is a solid toon


whats your team setup/weapons?

To get defends with her you’re basing your defense on Luck. You need a red heavy stun heavy team, without it she’s a puppy. With it, at least if your lucky with stun procs, shes a pain in the dick.

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I think you just need some really good characters behind erika. I don’t think she was a bad pull she just needs the right supporting or devastating characters besides just weapons. Try bonus 20% ap raider level 3 for blues and give it huge ap and defense and throw it on a blue michonne , have a siddiq to get that first turn pop in defense, have a stun gun magna, and mirabelle for the recover stun in case someone like me brings a stun active skill shiva while also keeping people locked down for mirabelle to rush and michonne would be able to rush again. Just my thoughts…

I’ve tried many different setups, but always full stun/impair/AD weapons:

Erika, Double Gov, Abraham/Dwight, Yumiko
Erika, Double Gov, Dwight, Magna/Shield Michonne
Erika, Gov, Abraham, Yumiko, Magna/ Shield Michonne
Erika, Double Gov, Priya, Magna (5 stun team)

Nothing seems to work that well.

Try Ericka, 2x Blue chonne, Hershel, sr zeke

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I defend just fine… if i put my maun defence up i wull wake up with more rep the next day… synergy… not thrown together 6*… weps help too

No siddiq…players have too much of an advantage over defense teams with active skills and with the right weapons on attack those options u listed will surely get taken down.

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Ive seen Erika lead teams kill. Depends on what you do with the team.

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She is a luck based / smart attack team based defense.

I’ve gotten a lot of defends with her, using Siddiq and Zeke.

But I’ve recently gotten a lot more defends with my melee team since Shiva got stun :smiley:

Basically the game is stuns and guardian 2 now, which is RNG.

If Erika doesn’t stun and Zeke doesn’t proc, my defense will be done by round 3. if BOTH proc, I can get defends and timeouts.

What’s your team :thinking:

Same as everyone else’s mostly, but with Erika instead of Boobs leading.
Zeke, and Siddiq are the keys.

Experienced players who are good at raiding will counter it easily. (double Tyreese and command)

CRW super whales will counter it easily. ALpha destroys it

But during war or raid events when I post it, I get defends, usually one of the top defenders in the faction but it really depends on who is attacking. If someone has Alpha, it’s over.

And more and more have Dwight T3 with a good weapon so RIP any red team now…

It’s kinda like the Andrea days, Blue on attack, melee on defense… same shit


The reason is because :

In this game the raiding team attacks FIRST. (I prefer the opposite).

There are other mobile games I play which the team getting raided will attack first and that is way more of a challenge.

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we had an opportunity for this in beta for a while called ambush. but people complained that they weren’t winning 100 percent of their raids anymore and only 99 percent so they didn’t add it in.



I really hope they go back to the idea. If defense would be going first it would give way more merit to the buffs in the territories for attack, defense and crit.

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Interesting. Havent seen too many people run her with Zeke behind her. Easy picking with so many Shivas now.

Same for Carl leads with an Erika behind him. Easy pickings also.

I can’t even spell defed* since I never get them :joy:

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All defenses are worthless at this point, to a degree. The days of 100% defends are over.

IMO Erika or any range behind Carl is 10x easier than Zeke, because of RNG and the obvious Zeke being a specialist while Erika is a leader and has no business not leading a defense :wink:

Zeke is easy pickings, if you have Shiva, stun and can kill him round 1.

If you don’t, he procs G2 (RNG) which means the raid is going at least 3 rounds

And the main thing for regular wars is deterring. If you have an annoying RNG defense that slows people down, they will learn to avoid it, giving me more attacks

Testing it as a raid defense (the easiest to beat since you know the leader) i was getting about 80% defends with Erika lead and Zeke.

I even had some streaks of people doing that fail 10x then win 1 and stop raid logs LMAO, hadn’t seen those in a long time.

But that was before everyone T3’d Dwight

ERIKA is dead now. Dwight + ALpha = no point to posting any defense

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Really need a command in there, siddiq. I’ve had far more luck with Erika defense wise that Carl. It’s true no team really defends well these days and blues can just muscle their way through most. Sadly this new attacker, defender crap isn’t balanced well. The attack bonuses stack are too much to counter even with control toons.

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I think it’s an AR issue. Defense will be severely disadvantaged until 6* start having AR < 58. Granted, you can get 66 AP in 1 turn, but you’re severely exposed in order to do so.

Does anyone run huge AP when damaged weapons on defense?