Erika is a horrible Teacher

Why would her and the School Nurse agree to take over the School, but only use adults as help, and not children? No wonder why the Shiva Force kids were all alone telling their stories because Mrs. Erika abandoned them. Wow.



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Never mind a school guidance counselor packing heat. Or that being a part of the initial outbreak the students clothes are rotten and ragged. Was amusing still


I was like wtf, and laughing at the same time. Plus when she said she hated the Principal. How unprofessional. Lmao.

Or they could have sacrificed the kids :smirk: what teacher wouldn’t want to do that.

Me: Erika I just lost just lost my pet cat to one them things to day what would your advice be as a counselor
Erika: my advice is that you join them
Me: wait woot
Rare extract by a kid left under the care of erika in the zombie apocalypse R. I. P
Non Canon btw

She got the security guards gun

I hadn’t got there yet. Just assumed she picked up another gun

:joy::joy::joy: still better story than ______. Lmao

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Lol? Okay?

I felt like that first walker this morning before coffee. Even made the same noise