Eric's active skill : bugged

My Eric has his active skill fully upgraded.

Garrett’s AR puts 2 characters under a 100% heal reduction. Eric’s active skill says “up to 2 teammates recover from stun and heal reduction”. Noice.

But :

You can see here that only Louis recovered from heal reduction.

Can Scopely stop messing up the game with updates ?

Update : Video here


Curious, were any of your guys stunned? Perhaps he applied the stun removal to 2 guys, in which case i believe the heal reduction recover would apply to the same 2 targets. The active skill says 2 teammates recover from stun and heal reduction, not 2 recover from stun and 2 recover from heal reduction


Nah on the first screen no one is stunned. I did it on purpose because I already noticed this bug but didn’t take a screenshot of it

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Fair enough. Then I believe this is a bug. @LadyGeek

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Eric’s card clearly states both stun AND heal reduction are cured

I agree have same problem when using eric sometimes it doesnt work when i try to remove heal reduction to my team. (nobody is stunned)

Was there a different toon that was stunned.

It applies to 2 toons. It does not necessarily prioritize to one or the other.

No. The two screenshots were taken before and after Eric’s AS.

I am asking if a different toon was stunned. And this stunned toon may have been ‘cleansed’ rather than the other heal reduced.

It wouldn’t be obvious in a screenshot cause it scrolls through effects. As such the heal reduction toon may not have been one of the targeted.

No if a character is stunned, then his icon is clouded. This is not the case here.

Edit : I intentionnally triggered Garrett’s AR on my perfectly healthy team. The only malus here are two heal reduction effects.

Is your Eric’s active skill leveled.

The card you showed above is lvl 90 so I’m assuming this isn’t yours but the one in the ascension tower.

He gains +1 at active skill lvl 5

Mine is here

To be fair, it says “up to two teammates”. Strictly speaking it could therefore apply to none, one or two teammates. Not a bug, working as intended, move on



Seems like a bug; I’d really like video for the developers. Can you capture it?

If I can find someone with Garrett yes

Update : the issue is worse than what I was thinking. Eric’s active skill simply doesn’t work against heal reduction. Here is the proof :

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Imo…working as intended. Havent checked the video but by the screenshots above. Eric and 1 teammate have heal reduction.

Eric uses his skill which CLEARLY states “up to 2 teammates”. Not 2 teammates and his own self. Clears teammates heal reduction but not on own self because his Active does NOT cover caster.

Edit: video shows 2 teammates with heal reduction not cured of status impairment. Very weird as in screens above it cleared 1 heal reduction but not the 2nd.

Garrett’s AR inflicts heal reduction to 2 ennemies.
On the screenshots, Louis and Andrea received this malus. No one else. No one is stunned. They should have been cured. Check the video, it is even worse, no one is cured.

“Up to 2 teamates” Sometimes 2, sometimes 1 and probably none if scopely wants." Up to 2" doent really mean 2.

No. It is said “up to x” depending on how many characters are still alive.
For example, Mirabelle stuns up to 3 ennemies, if there is 3 ennemies or more she will always stun 3 of them.
This is a bug.

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