Erick active skills heal reduction bugged?

Hi there,

i have seen my defense team in action and noticed that Erick active skills never triggered during the assault. My team was affected by Dale heal reduction in turn 2 and Erick haven’t used his active skill in turn 3 to remove it.

is it the same for you?


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Someone might need to be stunned as well?

Unfortunately, the only active skill that works properly on defense is revive (surprise surprise). I have noticed all the other actives are just random. Sort of like command skill. I mean, some of these toons have amazing value (like cole using active skill of taunt of turn 2) yet they never do. It seems like they prioritize gaining ap and rushing and then using active skills which isn’t always best for the defense.


Its not smart system dude if will be thats smart alot of teams will be unbeatable its good enough to help alot of noobs

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Just because a situation is present for an active skill to go off, doesn’t means the active skill will. Rushes are always prioritized over active skills and if the toon isn’t ready to rush it’s still a roll of the dice whether they attack or use an active skill.

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Dales active with heal reduction doesnt go off til turn 3 but either either way I have seen this many times. Ive used dales active for heal red and most the time erik carries on with regular hits. Its unfortunate that active skills dont have common sense :joy:
The other thing may be, were any of your team stunned turn 2? Because if so his active would clear them and then turn 3 dales hr would go in effect and its no long ready to use yet due to cool down

Heal reduction is messed up in general, not just from active skills. My experience is from using it on attack

My favourite is when I would run Dwight and Ty and both of them would impair a stunned toon. Thanks guys.

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