Erica premier recruits pulls


Anyone pulled erica?




I’m debating on using a 40 pull for Erika hmm :thinking:



Tried single pulls from leauge coins didn’t go well :joy:


Faction mate got 6* erika, 6* blue alpha and green aaron 5* in a 10 pull


I did a 40 and she evaded me yet again:(



It did give me enough for a token wheel pull and got ty first decent one I’ve got outta it! Ignore the pic with gov and Rosita that’s from pulling for marlon on a ten


lolol, and still they try !!

Break a leg everyone.


Alpha was from my first single pull from the 600 coins from leagues. other pull was a 4*
Rosita was from my second single pull of last league rewards. Yay


Didn’t pull Erika but I did pull this guy.


Btw this was on a 2 pull, same as Guardian Hershel a while back.


2 x 2200 = 20 4* not fun anymore


Original post removed :sob: :rofl:

10x 4* for 2nd time in a week, i’m destined not to have a revive


IF, i were to pull, simulates pull , 10 4 stars


Hardly saved coins from leagues and these lucky 10 pulls I am seeing hmmm


When i see the lucky pulls it feels like if i did i would pull lots of 6s. Reality however i would pull 38 4s and 1 unascendable 5 and 1 bad 5 ascendable


Did a big pull for her. And yet again no Erika. But got these four (rest 4*). So not too bad. But i still think Erika is blacklisted for my account :cry:


“Biggest Oof in history”