Eric: Weapon, Mods and Team Build Guide

Eric was the first generation two legacy 6* to be released and most were probably surprised with his strength boost having been given a revive - now he is everywhere! Here is my guide on kitting your Eric out to get the best out of him as a defensive character.

In the video I break down multiple options and the reasoning behind each choice, however here is an overview of how you could build Erics full set up.

Preview Guides: Bryan & Princess Team Builds


Eric is useless on def with all those greens he brings along. Say hello to decap Sandy!

I could only imagine how much easier it would be if I had Alice too.

Great video as always. Keep 'em coming.


yeah a lot people still didnr get him so i dont know who you want to meet

Uh… What? Did I miss read sarcasm?

Half of top teams are using him cause he brings greens that can carry stun atk weapons. These still bring a lot of rng chaos to the battle regardless of trying to mod and prevent this scenario.

Being counter mixed is not a weakness its a strength. Your opponent does not know if you will be blue heavy or green heavy, making them have to guess at an optimal offense. A player can quickly tip the scales by changing the team without leader change and catch a player with decap sandy off guard.


Keep 'em coming. Eric is cake along with all his lame greens. Way easier than when Lydia was all the rage and like I said if I had Alice it would even be easier combine with Dale there goes the revive chain too.

Do you guys come up with a team and pass it around because everyone uses the same damn team all the time. It’s kinda comical as well as super predictable.

I see you replying. Do you ever take a break from the forums? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You have hardly touched the surface of the games complexity if that’s what you think.

I see a traditional Lydia team and I lick my lips. Over in 3 turns. These teams were top notch 2 months ago. Not so any more.

If you weren’t aware the team designs right now are to prevent the turn 3-4 slaughter that is happening at top level play. To do so, requires giving up some defensive capabilities that will make it easier for baseline players. This is OK, cause in a contest such as war it will not impact the outcome against other opponents.

There are a lot of other defenses. These we keep hidden while not in war against top competition as its easy to adapt once you know what to expect.

But hey what would I know.


Been fighting top 10 all day long it’s the same damn team. Eric, Dante, Magna, Solange, Koa, William, Violet, Gabe, Pam, Holly, Mac or Shawn.

It’s like one person comes up with something and everyone else copies it. Complex strategy my butt. It’s called fattest wallet wins.

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My only problem with Eric is that there’s alot of yellow Rick teams with 5* Kates and Alphas out there. I try to mix it up, heavy on green or heavy on blue but them Rick teams seem to always beat it

Lol. Those are not top teams. Just hodgepodge teams that are mostly ftp and a few premiers. Sounds mid tier at best.

The follower aspect is real. It’s easy to get in a grove cause you see something you struggle with and reproduce. But true best factions out there make it a point to diversify teams.

I personally have 4 defenses set up. Only used 2 this war. Default is an Eric lead. This default is primarily cause Eric and Donny is the best out there at the moment for pure buff, as well as accessibility. They come with the Gen 2, 6s stats that can keep them standing after a a heavy offense toon makes a swipe at them.

I wouldn’t say Erik is at all useless. Ive seen some really good defenses this weekend that were top notch. Your comment about red sandy vs erik teams i could say the same for alpha vs lidia teams.
For me the difference in these defenses is the details. Ive seen identical teams out there but weapons used and how they are modded do make a difference. Ive also seen some completely f2p teams that took me by surprise and lost a fight i thought would be an easy win.

I was exaggerating for effect. Eric is fine. It was more of a comment on how everyone in the game latches on to the same exact def give or take a few toons. For a while, it was all Erika and Mags. Then it was Lydia and Jebs. Now it seems to be Eric and 4 greens.

It just seems foolish to run so many greens on defense with toons like Alice and now Sandy out there and they had that Louis offer up too. Bad times for greens is all I’m saying.

I’ve always had strong reds. I’m enjoying the current defensive meta. Keep 'em coming!


In the case of many f2p they have alot of hard hitting blues and decent greens. Id say alot also had a good chance of pulling Koa from the previous wheels. Imo i think a lot of people put up what they have the best of. If they have yellow jesus shield they likely wont be using an erik lead. The other thing is green stun on attack is alot more effective than impair (imo) despite resist mods if my whole team is stunned i cant do anything if they are impaired i can at least use actives ect.
But i do agree the meta always seems to have a lot of the same exact teams. I do think we are slowly moving on from this spefic meta and going more into defenses that do more damage vs time out

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Amen to that. Time out meta was and is boring. I don’t mind getting beat but do it with damage not time.

Not that any disability is good but I actually fear confuse more than impair or stun. With the latter two at least my toons don’t attack each other. The absolute worst is when your decap gets confused and he decaps one of your own. Even with the proper mods this seems to happen more than it should. The game definitely favors the def here.


:joy: when i used blue alpha on my main she would literally at times take out my entire team.

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With Alice lead and some decent toons around, you’ll cut through almost everything in 3-4 turns. I’ve seen lots of videos lately against all sort of teams.

I think that mods devalued trait advantage by a fair bit. Usually most defenses run defense mods against their counter traits. So attacking with other colors does not necessarily put you at a huge disadvantage.

Agreed. I brought this up the other day aswell. I’ve been seeing that more and more often lately. And to be honest, this bothers me a bit, because this makes running 5* a lot harder.

Nice video. Keep up the good work!

Lockdown, I love you but can we all agree to boycott using Eric? Everyone is using him and it’s tedious and terrible. My only hope is that decap Sandy is all she’s cracked up to be.

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Kitted mine out with hp mods and he’s getting a defense weapon

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