Eric still in supply depot

Eric can still be gotten in supply Depot if anyone was wondering

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You can still buy food through the gear depot… In case anyone was wondering.


u are so lucky

I got a second one from training grounds the day before he was ascendable…

Awesome glad to know guess trolling is still a thing too bad some just aren’t that good at it

I mean there were only a bunch of threads on this topic already with responses and validation there.


Eric to supply depot is certain :hugs:


hahahha kesin

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i got mine out of the tower a day before he was announced to be a 6*

I had Eric but used him as acendance fodder literally a week before announcement. I’ll just have to acend my many 4* blues till I get him again.

(sigh) it’s so hard confirmirming payments with one tap on my new iPhone XS for only $1,100 (sponsored by Apple)


Eric can also be ascended from 4* if anyone was wandering


Awesome, glad to know using the search function is still a thing, too bad some just aren’t that good at it.


You can still coin the depot if anyone was wondering

Guys, 3* camo pistol still in supply depot

I did just flip my sd 8 times hoping he would come up and nope.


Eric finally popped up for me in depot on saturday.

You can sell your whole roster and weapons in the supply depo too in case anyone was wondering how to nuke.

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